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August 04, 2011 12:57 ET

Lunera Lighting Launches "Lunera Capital Plus," Enabling Cash-Flow-Positive Lighting Upgrades From Day One

Eliminates Initial Lighting Costs and Significantly Lowers Operating Expenses of Commercial Buildings

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 4, 2011) - Lunera® Lighting, Inc., a Silicon Valley company that designs, manufactures, and markets next-generation LED lighting, today launched Lunera Capital Plus(SM) (LCP). This new program offers financing solutions to accelerate the return on investment for LED lighting upgrades by reducing or eliminating the first cost of a Lunera lighting system.

LCP provides attractive financing programs to qualified customers, which eliminates the initial cost of lighting upgrades, freeing up capital funds to be used for other tenant improvements. Building owners that use LCP financing will also realize first year savings from LED lighting and increased facility value, which helps to attract and retain valuable tenants.

"Traditional lighting accounts for up to 50 percent of energy consumption in commercial facilities. Many building owners are delaying investment in a LED lighting upgrade because of initial cost challenges. Lunera's LCP financing solutions remove the first cost of investing in LED lighting, enabling facility owners and tenants to pursue their growth objective of upgrading to LED lighting and lowering operating expenses," commented Karen Owyeung, CEO of Lunera Lighting.

The first financing solution available now through LCP is Lunera Capital Lease. This customer-friendly leasing option can be used to finance the purchase of Lunera fixtures and the complete cost of installation. A standard Lunera Capital Lease has a five-year term with fixed monthly payments, at the end of which the lessee owns the equipment, making it a direct path to ownership at the lowest capital cost. This differs from other types of leases, which may have an end-of-term fair-market-value purchase option.

The lessee takes full benefit of all accelerated tax depreciation and other tax benefits associated with equipment procurement and can payback the lease ahead of schedule without penalty. Both commercial building owners and tenants qualify to apply for this program. Tenants should consult with the building owner to determine if the lease permit provisions allow for this type of building improvement.

"A 60-month Lunera Capital Lease through LCP can fund the cost of the entire lighting upgrade, including installation costs and advanced control products, while providing affordable payment terms. Investing in the long life of energy efficient LED lighting, while increasing a building's value, is simply a smart business decision," added Owyeung.

Financing through LCP will help facilities realize the following benefits:

  • Elimination of Initial Cost of Lighting Improvements
  • First Year Savings
  • Lower Operating Expenses
  • Net Operating Income (NOI) Increase
  • Asset Value Increase

By taking advantage of the LCP financing program, building owners will increase tenant satisfaction, minimize lag vacancy and maximize lease renewal probability. To learn more about Lunera Capital Plus, visit To inquire about the LCP capital lease program please email or call Lunera at 650-241-3875 and ask to speak to a LCP representative.

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Lunera Lighting is an award-winning technology innovator leading the transformation from analog to energy-efficient digital LED lighting. Manufactured in the USA, Lunera's premium lighting fixtures are particularly attractive when seeking LEED certification, since LED lighting substantially impacts LEED points in "green" buildings. Elegant design, precision engineering, and beautiful light differentiate the company's award-winning products. Since its initial product launch in late 2009, Lunera has installed lighting in over five million sq ft of commercial real estate. For more information on switching to LED fixtures, visit the company at or contact Lunera at 650-241-3875 or by email at Follow Lunera on Twitter at

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