SOURCE: Whamcloud

September 30, 2011 13:12 ET

Lustre 2.1 Released

Seen as Creating Foundation for Subsequent New Lustre Development, Community Contribution Rules Simplified

DANVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 30, 2011) - Whamcloud, a venture-backed company formed from a worldwide network of high-performance computing (HPC) storage industry veterans, today announced the release of Lustre 2.1 with better control over virtualized storage and wider platform support. It is the first full release of Lustre with Whamcloud and OpenSFS hosting the master codeline. Significant in this release, contribution rules have been greatly simplified to more openly encourage community contributions.

"This has been a lot of work to complete the release, and I am delighted that it has paid off. I think this demonstrates Lustre is very much alive and this release will be the baseline for all the upcoming Lustre features we have in the pipeline," said Peter Jones of Whamcloud, who has served as the Release Manager for Lustre 2.1.

"We feel Lustre 2.1 is a milestone that developers and users alike can be proud of. It builds a foundation for the future and shows what the Lustre community can do when it pulls together," said Norman Morse, President/CEO of OpenSFS, the main North American Lustre community group.

"EOFS is in strong support of Whamcloud's 2.1 Lustre release as a further step to strengthen the Lustre Community. We expect lots of support and interest from Lustre users throughout Europe," said Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere and Hugo R. Falter, directors of EOFS, the main European Lustre community group.

Several notable new features have been added in Lustre 2.1. The maximum OST/MDT size has been increased from 16TB to 128TB, allowing configurations with 3TB drives. The benefit of this is better control over virtualized storage and was a major user request. Another main user request, support for RHEL\CentOS 6 server, has also been added. There were no deprecations compared to the 2.0 support matrix.

"The release of Lustre 2.1 is a major accomplishment and an inspiring example of an open source community pulling together. It's the result of hard work and commitment on behalf all the people involved with Lustre," said Brent Gorda, CEO of Whamcloud. "Looking back over the past year it's hard to imagine we've come this far. The future looks extremely bright for Lustre."

Lustre 2.1 can be accessed immediately from the Whamcloud git via the 2.1.0 or v2_1_0_0 tags or as RPMs from the Whamcloud download site:

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Whamcloud, composed of HPC storage veterans and well-known Lustre experts, implements and supports Lustre solutions in HPC centers around the world. Whamcloud actively promotes the growth, stability and vendor neutrality of Lustre. Lustre is utilized in over half of the TOP500 supercomputing sites today and is the best evolutionary technology for addressing many of the exascale issues of tomorrow.

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