June 26, 2012 13:03 ET

Luxury Mall Shoppers Immune to Market Conditions, According to Eye

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jun 26, 2012) - Luxury shoppers are bucking the trend in retail: visiting the mall more often and spending more money in each visit than the average shopper. They're in malls because they know they can find the most variety and enjoy spending time there. Leading mall media provider, Eye (@EYE_OutofHome), has conducted a study to better understand the mindset of Luxury Shoppers.

Malls reach 92% of all US residents earning $100K+1. These consumers plan to spend $1000+ on accessories this year, including footwear. Luxury Shoppers visit the mall 4x a month -- 25% more than the average shopper2 -- spending more in an average visit -- $181 (vs. $1172 average consumer spend at the mall) to be exact. Almost a third spend $200+.

These shoppers don't just shop for Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Gucci. They also invest in their everyday beauty needs and household services including lawn care. They treat themselves well, love to go on vacation and many are planning on purchasing a car in the next year.

In combination with print, digital and mobile, Out-of-Home ads give a multichannel campaign a better chance of not only reaching the target customer, but Aspirationals who will buy into the brand3. 63% of Luxury Shoppers also said they are open to accepting mobile content/offers in the mall. Learn more about our new Amplify by Eye mobile platform here.

"We have a presence in many upscale malls," says Carrie Fitzmaurice-Daly, VP of Sales at Eye. "Advertising at the mall places premium brands top of mind with these consumers. Over 80% of Luxury Shoppers agreed that they can be influenced by backlit posters and/or banners when in the market for a luxury product/service."

The 300 premium and luxury malls represented by Eye include: Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, California, Roosevelt Field in Garden City, NY, and Copley Place in Boston, MA.

Luxury shoppers are classified as those who have visited at least one Eye mall in the past month with a HHLD income of $100K+. For more information and the full abstract, contact Andea Campbell, Marketing and Insights Executive, at

Sources: 1Scarborough; 2ICSC; 3Luxury Daily

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