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June 14, 2010 19:00 ET

Luxury Office Furniture Sales Boosted by World Cup

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 14, 2010) - World Cup fever kicks off today with office staff up and down the country excitedly anticipating the footy fest about to take place over the next month. However, workplaces are concerned about the impact this will have on productivity and resources, as experts have warned that computer blow-outs and absenteeism could be rife if bosses do not reach an agreement with their staff.

As many workers have claimed they will watch the games on their work computers if need be via live streaming, concerns are that this could cause office systems to slow down dramatically or even crash due to the amount of bandwidth used for live streaming. Also, in past years when the World Cup has taken place, companies struggled to reach a compromise on match viewings and so suffered the inevitable surge of sick day pleas from their employees.

In a bid to combat all of this then and attempt to keep staff happy, a lot of offices this year have decided to allow employees to watch matches. Many bosses have brought in specialist office furniture, projectors and bought licenses for them so that staff can enjoy the games without skipping work and their employers will therefore not suffer such a drastic loss of productivity.

A spokesperson for AOS Online, one of the UK's leading office supply companies, says that the cooperation between bosses and employees should pay off: 'It's good that employers have recognised the need to allow staff the chance to watch the games, as providing they make the time up, nobody's at a loss and everybody's happy. We've seen a surge in office projectors during the last month as well as increased sales in luxury office furniture; it's a great compromise and should keep everyone happy'.

The only England group game expected to disrupt offices is the game on Wednesday June 23 at 3pm. The match against Slovenia is the only one that takes place during British work hours and so is expected to cause major problems with a rush of online traffic in offices. However, the other games all take place in the evenings and at weekends. Also, if England get through to the second round or beyond, any games which take place will also take places at these times so aren't predicted to cause too much disruption. However, workers originally from other countries will be keen to watch their home teams at various times too.

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