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September 12, 2016 11:00 ET

LYNKD -- the World's First Personal Security and Monitoring Device That Works for Everyone

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - September 12, 2016) - Introducing LYNKD -- LYNKD is disruptive technology that allows you to see, hear and feel things anywhere even if you can't be there! From the dorm-room to the warehouse factory anyone can monitor, secure and protect anything remotely. By using your smartphone, Bluetooth, available Wi-Fi and our cloud based service, you can LYNK anything! No expensive equipment, no technicians, no hassle. Don't be fooled into paying too much for security and home automation when you already own most of the technology.With your smartphone, our cloud based monitoring service, and a simple LYNKD device, you can protect your family, business, or any possession.

There are 6 products in the LYNKD product line-up: Nexus, Vision, Siren, Rain, I/O, and Temp Control. Each has unique technology and capabilities.

LYNKD Nexus -- As the main component of LYNKD, Nexus connects to your smartphone via the LYNKD app and allows you to easily configure what, when and how you want to monitor.

The Nexus comes standard with 5 senses:

  • Motion
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Acceleration
  • Temperature

Nexus also includes a built-in panic button should someone need to call for help.

So when you want to know if your front-door is opened in the middle of the night, your refrigerator suddenly dies or your dog escapes the yard you can configure LYNKD to immediately notify you on your phone.

LYNKD Siren -- For added security to your home or possessions, connect LYNKD Nexus with LYNKD Siren and an alarm will sound as soon as any security is breached. Not only will you be notified on your phone, but the alarm will also scare off any intruders that maybe breaking into your home, office, car, etc.

LYNKD Siren specs:

  • Triggered by LYNKD Nexus
  • Connects to LYNKD Expansion Port
  • Piezo Siren
  • LYNKD Expansion Port
  • Micro USB charge connector

LYNKD Vision -- With LYNKD Vision, you can now monitor anything visually with this Wi-Fi video camera. When connected to Nexus, LYNKD Vision can turn on when triggered by any of Nexus' senses. Whether a stranger walks onto your porch, your baby starts crying, or your child comes home from school, you can now see it all.

LYNKD Vision specs:

  • Triggered by LYNKD Nexus
  • Image capture
  • 2-way Audio + Video
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Memory card slot (MicroSD)
  • Independent Wi-Fi connection
  • Connects to LYNKD Expansion Port
  • Micro USB charge connector

LYNKD Rain -- Talk to any homeowner who has suffered basement flooding or water damage and they'll tell you just how much it cost them and how they wish they could've prevented it. Now with LYNKD Rain, you can. Simply connect LYNKD Rain with LYNKD Nexus and place it where water damage or flooding is likely to occur and be immediately notified if it does.

LYNKD Rain specs:

  • Resistant moisture sensor
  • Mechanical float design
  • Connects to LYNKD Expansion Port

LYNKD I/O -- We've shown how you can secure and monitor places and possessions when things go wrong, but now you can also do something about it. With LYNKD I/O you can automate external devices. For instance, you don't have to simply be alerted that your basement is flooding, but you can connect LYNKD I/O to your pump to start pumping as soon as water is detected. Or if your garage door is left open, LYNKD I/O can close automatically for you. Not only can you be alerted, but now LYNKD can act on it as well.

LYNKD I/O specs:

  • 1 Analog input
  • 3 switched outputs (Contact Closures)
  • Protected circuit
  • Limited current (TBD)

LYNKD Temp Control -- For many homeowners, optimizing temperature to maximize comfort and energy savings is difficult.With LYNKD Temp Control, simply answer a few questions on the Bluetooth app and LYNKD Temp Control is setup seamlessly without the hassle of complicated dials and switches found on most thermostats. When connected to LYNKD Nexus, all your data is now at your fingerprints.

LYNKD Temp Control Specs;

  • Connects to LYNKD Expansion Port
  • Electrical connections for standard heating and air equipment

Works Seamlessly with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and downloadable APP:

Using the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, the LYNKD mobile app programs Nexus to alert you directly on your phone anytime there's a problem.

Compatible with smartphones running iOS and Android

App is easy to download and easy to use.


LYNKD -- another line of innovative products developed by RPH Engineering

With all the advancements in smart technology, we knew there would be a way to make quality home security and monitoring both economical and simple to use for everyone. We took a fresh approach to the idea and realized we could take advantage of the technology everyone already owns; smartphones and Wi-Fi. Now by configuring Nexus with your smartphone you can secure and protect the things that matter to you from your pet, to your house, to your children.

For more information please contact Rob Simpson or Ryan Hyde via email or phone below.

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