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January 29, 2016 09:00 ET

Lytmus Unveils Standalone, Pair-Programing Phone Screen Solution to Ensure Companies Hire the Best and Candidates Get a Real Job Preview

Technology Innovator in Talent Sourcing and Assessment Launches Unique Self-Serve Tools That Provide Real-Time, Screen-Share Environments and Live Phone Sessions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 29, 2016) -  Lytmus, the most accurate technology solution for identifying top performing technical job candidates, today announced the launch of its self-serve Phone Screen solution for technical recruiting. With Lytmus Phone Screen, interviewers and hiring managers can pair-program with job candidates in authentic development spaces that extend far beyond shared editors. The result is a more accurate reflection of candidates' capabilities, which also engages and interests them in a company by screening in a setting that reflects real day-to-day work.

Lytmus was founded to finally create a comprehensive solution that surfaces the best candidates for any position. Lytmus has created a unique virtual machine-based platform that allows the best engineers and computer coders to demonstrate what they know in realistic settings, which provide high-signal data to potential employers. Lytmus also engages candidates by showing them the kinds of tech stacks, technologies and problems they'll work with on the job. This approach is much more compelling, especially to experienced candidates, than brain teasers and white-boards. Designed for small and medium sized businesses as well as groups within large companies, Lytmus' self-serve Phone Screen is a direct and useful tool to help identify optimal engineers and computer coders working on the front-end, back-end, mobile, systems, QA, networking and more.

"Lytmus Phone Screen is ideal for interviewers and hiring managers who want a superior tool to save time, obtain better up-front signals and engage high-quality, hard to convert candidates," said Abhay Parekh, Lytmus CEO and Co-Founder. "Lytmus helps provide organizations with a more objective hiring process that leads to better hires for companies and better jobs for applicants. For job seekers, Lytmus is a fair and empowering way to showcase technical skills and talent in the types of settings they already work in."

Lytmus Phone Screen provides customizable environments that give employers the freedom to ask the right questions for the job. For example, if a company is hiring for a front-end position, they can work with the candidate using Chrome, Sublime and Terminal. It enables them to ask anything from plain Python to full-stack web development questions. Lytmus Phone Screen offers a pre-loaded interview library to help interviewers get the process started quickly and enables them to ask questions that allow valuable skill evaluation before candidates come onsite. From regular data structure and algorithm coding interviews to front-end engineering interviews, Lytmus Phone Screen also allows interviewers to customize and add their own questions.

Lytmus Phone Screen can also run a candidate's code live. Once a candidate has completed a coding assignment, companies are able to run the code, test it, apply new scenarios and see how the candidate updates the code live to accommodate changes. Further, Lytmus Phone Screen delivers a valuable and complete report with a full video recording of the interview, code analysis and the interviewer's notes. The report, and useful basket of metrics, can then be easily added to an applicant tracking system and reviewed so the interviewer or hiring manager is able to easily and objectively rate the candidate before sending results to a hiring committee. With Lytmus Phone Screen, companies can be more confident in a candidate's proven abilities.

Lytmus Phone Screen is offered in three monthly levels: Free, $50 and $100. A free plan provides five phone screen sessions, the $50 plan offers 10 sessions and the $100 plan offers 25 sessions per-month. All plans include: Access to the Lytmus' Virtual Machine, pair-programming, as well as access to the Lytmus interview library and email support.

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Lytmus is revolutionizing the process for sourcing and assessing top technical talent. Powered by a unique virtual machine based platform, Lytmus empowers the best engineers and coders to demonstrate what they know in realistic settings. This shows what they can truly do and provides objective high-signal data to employers. Lytmus is based in San Francisco, CA and is funded by New Enterprise Associates and Accel Partners. For more information, please visit

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