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World Finance

January 14, 2014 04:15 ET

M&A Market Boom Could Turn to Bust in 2014

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Jan. 14, 2014) - Another year, another new world order. As we wave goodbye to 2013 and beckon in 2014, what is certain is that the global economy is characterised by an altogether more positive sentiment this time around. No doubt, this year will distance itself further still from the woes of the financial crisis and come to be seen as a new economic era in its own right.

We at World Finance believe the hype for 2014 to be justified, given that so many companies and individuals spearheaded fundamental changes in each of their various marketplaces. To celebrate progress of this sort, the World Finance 100 takes an in-depth look at last year's biggest market movers and how it is each of them has redefined the very grounds on which the global economy was formed.

The new issue of World Finance offers an insight into Iran's nuclear deal and how it could well spell the beginnings of a new relationship with the West. Elsewhere, we look to Puerto Rico, where debt and deficit requires that the public sector undergo an overhaul if it is to avoid default, and Selwyn Parker investigates the booming M&A market, and how there could be potential pitfalls in the current climate.

For more on any of the aforementioned articles, along with various other stories in banking, markets, wealth management, strategy and infrastructure, the new January-February issue of World Finance is available to read in print and online now.

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