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April 30, 2013 08:25 ET

M-CAT Enterprises Launches Business Management and Security Services

Executive Anyck Turgeon Designs Leading Solutions to Fight Fraud Scams, Security Breaches and Disasters

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 30, 2013) - M-CAT Enterprises (M-CAT) today announced the launch of an innovative suite of four consulting solutions: Corporate Growth, Fraud, Security 360 & Privacy plus Governance/Risk/Compliance Management services.

THE PROBLEM: As one in three persons is exposed to fraud each year, most individuals and corporations will be forced to handle continued business growth while dealing with numerous attacks throughout their life. Additionally, corporations and their CEOs, CFOs and board members are also likely to be affected by related ongoing compliance, legal, privacy and other security issues. Victims often have a short time window to mitigate and minimize the destructive impacts of white collar crime or security incidents. These individuals and organizations need a trusted partner to help prevent breaches, limit damages and recover assets. They need cutting-edge solutions, knowledge and expertise -- something that is not often available because people simply don't know where to turn, do not have the extra time to handle complex crisis situations or do not have the needed expertise.

THE SOLUTION: To stimulate growth while protecting individuals and organizations, M-CAT's experts now offer highly customized services through four programs:

  • Executive Management Services - Fact-based corporate evaluations and matrix-based performance assessments conducted by M-CAT's proven experts help business leaders render prioritized decisions ensuring tomorrow's growth.

  • Fraud Prevention, Detection, Resolution and Management Services - From corporate, financial and governmental to consumer fraud, M-CAT offers preventive and supportive solutions that help to mitigate the impact from fraud, ensure prompt resolutions as well as assist in asset recovery.

  • Security 360 & Privacy Services - Whether faced with physical, chemical, cyber or other IT security challenges, M-CAT offers integrated solutions that specifically address urgent or ongoing needs associated with events such as financial misconduct, breaches, theft, cyber-attacks and/or natural disasters.

  • Governance/Risk/Compliance Services - A modern reality, Governance/Risk/Compliance (GRC) requires certified independent experts to prevent unnecessary damages and ensure higher levels of transparency -- especially in monitoring third-party activities due to the fact that 80 percent of bribery cases involve partnering entities. M-CAT's services help organizations and individuals find affordable tools tailored to ensure long-term compliance, growth and profitability.

"As corporate assets can be destroyed within seconds and stolen money moves exponentially faster than most victims' recovery attempts, M-CAT is uniquely positioned to provide both organizations and individuals with a combination of preventive, managerial and mitigating solutions for most business and security challenges," said Anyck Turgeon, CEO at M-CAT Enterprises. "Through the launch of our Business Management and Security Services, our team of specialists is committed to offering clients a renewed sense of purpose and growth while facing life's unexpected hurdles. At M-CAT, we help to transform challenges into opportunities for heightened security and growth."

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