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M Line Holdings, Inc.

May 17, 2012 08:00 ET

M Line Holdings, Inc. Issues a Letter to Shareholders

TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2012) - M Line Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: MLHC) -

Shareholder Letter

M Line Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: MLHC) - ("M Line Holdings" or "the Company"), has attached a letter that will be mailed directly to shareholders as soon as possible.


M Line Holdings has issued the letter to more fully describe the direction that the Company is taking and to provide more detailed information to shareholders.

George Colin, CEO of M Line Holdings, Inc., stated, "During the process of evolving M Line Holdings, Inc. into the high tech aerospace world, we have not issued formal letters to the shareholders. Now, with many of the improvements implemented, we are providing necessary information about the Company so that you can make informed decisions about your investment."


M Line Holdings, Inc. owns 100% of two operating subsidiaries, Eran Engineering, Inc., and EM Tool Company, Inc. dba Elite Machine Tool more fully described in the attached letter.


Forward Looking Statements

This news release contains certain "forward-looking statements." Forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and assumptions and are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties, some of which cannot be predicted or quantified, and many of which are beyond the Company's control. The forward-looking statements are also identified through the use of words "believe," enable," "may," "will," "could," "intends," "estimate," "anticipate," "plan," "predict" "probable," "potential," "possible," "should," "continue," and other words of similar meaning. Actual results could differ materially from these forward-looking statements as a result of a number of risk factors detailed in the Company's periodic reports filed with the SEC. Given these risks and uncertainties, investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements and no assurances can be given that such statements will be achieved.

May 15, 2012

To: The shareholders of M Line Holdings, Inc.

M Line Holdings, Inc. (the "Company"), (formerly Gateway International Holdings, Inc.) was incorporated in Nevada on September 24, 1997. Gateway International Holdings, Inc. changed its corporate name to M Line Holdings, Inc. effective March 25, 2009.

In 2008, Money Line Capital, Inc. acquired stock from the then controlling shareholders and a master strategy plan was structured to reposition the Company into the world of high technology in both Aerospace and other areas. The transformation involved a major re-organization of personnel, new goals and objective criteria, specialized software programs and additional machines with unique capabilities to meet the demands of this new environment.

As part of the strategic plan, our aerospace manufacturing machine tool shop, Eran Engineering, Inc. ("Eran") retained a new President, Bart Webb, who has over 25 years of experience in the aerospace and related industries. Bart joined Eran in July 2011 and immediately began the difficult task of turning Eran into an aerospace company. Eran's traditional business has been an aircraft component manufacturer, primarily in interiors, manufacturing competitively priced build-to-print parts and assembly services for production/spare parts with design, development and engineering support for customers. In order to transform Eran to a fully integrated aerospace manufacturing facility, we needed to expand our abilities to manufacture aircraft structure parts and other more sophisticated work. In order to achieve these goals, all the existing personnel were evaluated for their ability to excel in the renewed company and as a result certain changes were made. Furthermore, additional, more experienced personnel were employed with specialized skills in engineering, machining, software and hardware systems. Additional Inspectors have been added to expedite product turn-around and shipment.

In August 2011, Frank Leon joined Eran as Vice President of sales. Frank has over 25 years of experience in aerospace and brings a wealth of sales and marketing expertise to Eran. Frank's knowledge has brought a professional approach to sales and marketing and his longstanding contacts within the industry are just beginning to bring new business to Eran.

To support the growth, Eran installed an Oracle based manufacturing ERP system (Quantum), which is state of the art software enabling management to monitor/control manufacturing, inventory, costing, sales and it links to our accounting software. In addition Eran added "Catia" software which is now used almost exclusively by the tier one and two aerospace manufacturers for all their engineering plans. Reading and understanding this complex program allows Eran to meet the engineering and programming requirements of its customers.

Eran is now manufacturing aircraft structural parts. This new market both increases our customer base and will ultimately result in improved revenues and profit margins. In order to provide Eran with specialized engineering skills, business co-operation agreements were negotiated with two engineering companies, EXMD in Canada and Fairtech in Bangalore, India. These changes have helped Eran progress from a good machine shop into a full service aerospace company. Eran currently operates out of a 50,000 square foot facility in Tustin and is certified to AS 9100 REV C.

Elite Machine Tool Company ("Elite") specializes in the sale of pre-owned machine tools from Mori Seiki, Matsuura, Kitamura and other manufacturers. Elite buys and refurbishes pre-owned equipment for resale. In today's market, well maintained equipment is scarce and as a result, Elite buys pre-owned equipment that needs considerable refurbishment work or complete rebuilds to bring them up to manufacturers specifications. Elite's experienced mechanics are able to refurbish the equipment at costs that are well below what Elite would have to paid, if this work was outsourced. In addition to servicing its own equipment, Elite also services and rebuilds machine tools for customers.

The continuing shortage of new CNC equipment and the growth of the commercial airline business has resulted in much greater demand for pre-owned CNC equipment and particularly for pre-owned Mori Seiki equipment that is Elite's specialty. As a result, profit margins are increasing and the future continues to look very positive. Elite's future plans include an expansion with new facilities in the Midwest and East coast.

In addition to the expansion of the subsidiaries, M Line, after successfully improving the balance sheet in 2011, is now ready to invest in and acquire high growth/technology and aerospace businesses.

Furthermore, M Line will acquire some of the subsidiaries of Money Line Capital, Inc., ("Money Line"). The Company had previously announced that it would acquire all of Money Line and its subsidiaries but the economy along with concerns about the dilution of the Company's common stock, resulted in the Board changing its course. The current plan is for the Company to only acquire Money Line's interest in Money Line's aerospace and technology companies thereby maintaining the primary focus of the group in aerospace and technology.

M Line also intends to form a new subsidiary that will manage all the financial programs of the group. The primary focus will be to originate all the equipment leasing transactions generated by Elite Machine Tool. This profit center will help to cover the expenses of the corporate office.

Overall, your Board believes that the value of your Company is greater than the share price indicates and our plan is to continue to add shareholder value.


/s/ Anthony L. Anish

Anthony L. Anish
Co. Secretary, General Manager
M Line Holdings, Inc.

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