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March 26, 2007 00:00 ET

M:Metrics™ Launches MeterDirect™, the First Syndicated Mobile Audience Measurement Service Using Metering Technology

Measurement Firm Finds Carrier Domains Rank Highly in UK; Americans Prefer Web Brands

SEATTLE, WA and LONDON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 26, 2007 -- M:Metrics, the mobile market authority, today announced the launch of MeterDirect, the first research service to directly and continuously measure consumer mobile media behavior, unlocking mobile as a viable medium for advertisers.

For the first time, media companies will be able to understand how, when and how often consumers engage with the mobile medium, including mobile Web audience rankings by site, the demographic composition of mobile Web domains and day of week and time of day behavior that defines mobile Web traffic. The MeterDirect service also collects detailed information about mobile application usage, including messaging, title and channel level music and video consumption.

"Direct media measurement is critical to programmers, media planners and advertisers as they come to rely on the mobile channel as a component of their traditional and new media campaigns," said Andy Brown, CEO, KMR Group, advertising giant WPP's media research business. "While surveys are a reliable way to measure a wide audience, direct behavioral measurement offers the most precise method of understanding the details of consumer use of mobile content. Integrating the mobile channel into our broad scale campaigns has been a guessing game to date without the reach, frequency and duration data that we rely on in other media. MeterDirect get us there."

The firm announced the first findings gleaned from MeterDirect in the United Kingdom and the United States, revealing key similarities and differences between the behaviors of American and British mobile Web users.

In both geographies, Google ranks as the most popular mobile Web site, the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daypart has the largest audience of mobile Web users, and mobile media consumers spend more than eight minutes per session accessing the mobile Web, a surprisingly high figure. However, while mobile operator sites are most popular among British consumers, Americans prefer Yahoo! and Microsoft properties.

                 Top Mobile Web Domains: February 2007
           United States                         United Kingdom
-----------------------------------  -------------------------------------
Domain      Company                  Domain        Company
----------  -----------------------  ------------  -----------------------  Google Inc.      Google Inc.   Yahoo! Inc.          O2 (UK) Ltd     Microsoft Corporation  Orange Personal
                                                   Communications Services
                                                   Limited    Microsoft Corporation     British Broadcasting
                                                   Corporation      The Walt Disney Company   Hutchison 3G UK Limited

Source: M:Metrics. Reports for the month of February are projected to
represent the universe of Smartphone owners and are based on in-tab panel
sizes of approximately 500 panelists in the United States and 600
panelists in the United Kingdom. UK includes the
MeterDirect also provides insights into daily audience for more than 5,000 mobile Web domains. Friday is the most active day for mobile Web use among Americans, with more than half of all smartphone owners using their mobile Web browser, while in the United Kingdom, Tuesdays account for the highest level of traffic. The data also reflects that contrary to popular belief, usage of mobile Web browsing is higher in the United States which consistently shows a higher level of daily usage than among British smartphone users.
        Reach by Day of the Week: February 2007
Day               United States          United Kingdom
---               -------------          --------------
Sunday                    41.32%                  33.69%
Monday                    42.44%                  39.64%
Tuesday                   45.67%                  47.14%
Wednesday                 49.67%                  43.22%
Thursday                  48.54%                  39.27%
Friday                    50.98%                  36.23%
Saturday                  47.16%                  34.82%

Source: M:Metrics. Reports for the month of February are
based on a in-tab sample sizes of approximately 500
panelists in the United States and 600 panelists in the
United Kingdom.
MeterDirect is a syndicated media measurement service based on data collected from M:Metrics' proprietary panel of smartphone device owners, selected to represent a population which accounts for a highly disproportionate share of mobile data services usage. The patent-pending M:Meter continuously and unobtrusively monitors messaging, browsing, application and media usage. At launch, clients who subscribe to MeterDirect can access data collected from M:Metrics panels in the United Kingdom and the United States, through an interactive Web interface.

"In the two years since we launched with our syndicated mobile market measures, the mobile medium has matured considerably," said Will Hodgman, CEO, M:Metrics. "With MeterDirect, M:Metrics further advances the medium as an essential part of the media mix."

While smartphones are only a small portion of all handsets in active use, these terminals account for a disproportionately high portion of all mobile Web page views. According to Crisp Wireless, a mobile technology and solutions company that builds, hosts and powers many leading news and information mobile websites, about 42 percent of all page views for sites that it hosts come from smartphone-class devices, including BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile operating systems.

MeterDirect complements M:Metrics' flagship syndicated service, MobiLens, which is relied on by 150 brands including the leading mobile operators, handset OEMs, publishers, media companies and advertising agencies in the United States and Western Europe. With six countries under measurement, M:Metrics is the only firm to provide monthly mobile content consumption metrics across the U.S. and Western Europe. By employing identical methodologies and survey questionnaires to over 40,000 respondents each month, M:Metrics is uniquely able to provide directly comparable measurement of mobile content consumption from country to country.

About M:Metrics

M:Metrics is the mobile market measurement authority. As the only research firm to measure the audience for mobile media, M:Metrics provides the most accurate metrics on actual mobile content consumption by applying trusted media measurement methodologies to the mobile market. M:Metrics' monthly syndicated data service gives clients the critical insights and intelligence required to inform smart business strategies and the competitive benchmarks needed to evaluate the performance of competitors and partners. M:Metrics is a private, venture-funded corporation headquartered in Seattle, with offices in San Francisco and London.

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