October 05, 2011 12:10 ET

M&Ms and Skittles Battle for the Best Bite-Size Bits: NetBase Brand Passion Index Tastes Halloween Treats

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 5, 2011) - NetBase, the Social Media Insight & Analysis company, today announced the latest Brand Passion Index, which measured consumer passion for brands of popular Halloween candy. The Index used the NetBase Insight Workbench to surface the emotions, opinions and behaviors expressed by the social media universe about the following seven candy brands: M&Ms, Skittles, Candy Corn, Reese's, Tootsie Rolls and SweeTarts. The data was analyzed by these three key metrics: share of buzz, net sentiment, and passion intensity.

The Insight Workbench found that this Halloween, it will be a battle of the bite-size candy bits. Though M&Ms emerged as the king of candy chatter, generating 42% of the overall conversations, Skittles wasn't far behind, with 24%. The chewy, fruity candy also dominated Passion Intensity, with a score of 89, compared to M&Ms' 80. Though the margin of difference between the two on Net Sentiment was smaller, Skittles still beat out M&Ms with a score of 74, compared to the chocolate-y brand's score of 73. Candy Corn, despite being the most iconic candy of the Halloween holiday, came out on bottom, with the weakest metrics across the board: the lowest share of buzz, a Net Sentiment score of 52 and a Passion Intensity score of 48.

Verbatim about M&Ms suggested that the brand has generated such high volumes of chatter and popularity due to its wide variety of candy options, colors and the nostalgia consumers associate with the iconic brand. However, online consumers also noted the negative effects on dieting due to the hard-shelled candy which impacted sentiment and passion scores.

Why must peanut M&Ms be so damn delicious!

I love m&m since I was a kiddo

A fleeting thought about a handful of M&M's might be enough to derail your diet

Verbatim about Skittles showed that online consumers love the brand and express higher passion and positivity because of its delicious taste that both children and adults enjoy, as well as the general feeling of happiness that results from indulging in the fruity treat.

Skittles are the best candy to snack on at work

Fact- Skittles are the best candy ever created

Skittles is like my favorite candy :) They make me happy!

Skittles are obviously popular with children but they are still popular with adults who have fond memories of eating them when they were younger

And, though Candy Corn found some fans, many noted that they only enjoy the candy due to its seasonality and the feelings of tradition, rather than for the taste or quality of the candy.

@DarkMuse30 @HH_A I love candy corn, but can only eat it in Sept & Oct -- after Halloween, forget it

I bought a big bag of candy corn which looked very festive, but even Daniel is sick of it now and we still have half the bag left

I'm looking forward to eating candy corn during the fall/Halloween season

Each month, the Brand Passion Index analyzes consumer passion for brands in various categories and publishes the results on the NetBase blog.

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