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July 09, 2008 11:30 ET

M40 Leads the Charge With Rhinophalt Sustainability

WINSLOW, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 9, 2008) - UK Highways M40 Ltd has placed the first order of a 5 year contract for the preservation of the M40. This initial works order for Rhinophalt surface application covers junctions 10 - 15 of the motorway, an area of more than 1,000,000m2.

Rhinophalt is a HAPAS approved surface preservation technology which has been developed by Buckinghamshire based ASI Solutions plc.

The M40 contract commenced in June 2008 and is being undertaken by Enterprise plc, a delivery partner of ASI.

John Gardner, General Manager of UK Highways Group commented "...The use of Rhinophalt will play a significant part in the future of highway maintenance and we are pleased to be leading the way in its use and taking innovation forward."

Neil Caldwell, Managing Director of ASI Solutions plc, observed "...With the adverse gap between road surface condition and available maintenance budgets becoming ever greater, there is increasing pressure on maintenance engineers to deliver more with less. The ability of Rhinophalt to significantly extend the serviceable life of a road surface will greatly aid this cause. We are delighted that a renowned and progressive company like UK Highways M40 Ltd has recognised the sustainable asset management benefits that can be delivered with our technology."

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About ASI Solutions plc

ASI is a developer and provider of sustainable repair, preservation and recycling technology.

The company develops and supplies low cost, environmentally friendly, high performance processes and products that deliver sustainable improvements and protection to both asphalt and concrete surfaces. In addition, ASI provides proprietary solutions for the hot and cold re-cycling of bituminous bound pavements.

The marketplace for ASI's innovative product portfolio includes roads, motorways, airfields, car parks, rail, docks, ports, sea defences, buildings and monuments. Based in the United Kingdom, ASI currently trades in the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, United States of America, Czech Republic, Mexico and Lithuania.

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About Enterprise

Enterprise is based in the North West of England and operates on a national basis. It is a support services company that provides infrastructure maintenance activities for the public sector, the utilities industry and other large organisations.

The company has an annualised revenue of around £1.2bn. It has been serving the UK public sector for over 20 years and the utility markets for over 40 years.

Enterprise is driven by five principles that are integral to its business strategy, health and safety is the top priority followed by performance improvement and best value, information technology, partnership and people and corporate responsibility.

Its main customers include BT, MoD, Severn Trent, Thames Water, Liverpool City Council, Staffordshire County Council, Highways Agency, TfL and several London boroughs. It is privately owned by 3i and the management team and is backed by major UK and international banks.

For Enterprise press enquiries contact Stephen Rawlinson on 07785 326727.

About Enterprise and ASI Solutions plc

The Rhinophalt process is being delivered jointly by ASI Solutions plc and Enterprise.

This partnership offers an integrated solution to restore and preserve highways using unique surface treatments, such as Rhinophalt, to deliver significant whole-of-life and sustainability benefits to our clients.

Under the terms of the national collaborative agreement, the two companies jointly promote the added value of restoring and preserving asphalt. Enterprise treats motorways and urban roads, car parks, airport taxiways, runways and similar surfaces as required using ASI's unique processes.

About UK Highways M40 Ltd

UK Highways M40 Ltd is responsible for the complete Operation and Maintenance of the M40 between Junctions 1- 15 through its 30 year Design Build Finance and Operate concession with the Highways Agency as part of the Government's Private Finance Initiative.


Likened to a wood preservative for asphalt, Rhinophalt is a revolutionary process that significantly extends the life of asphalt and macadam. Rhinophalt protects the surface from weathering, oxidisation and traffic use and, following application, effectively halts the deterioration of the bituminous surface.

With repeat applications every four to five years, Rhinophalt is a completely sustainable and extremely cost-effective process. By giving asphalt a longer life, it reduces traffic disruption, aggregate waste and extraction, lorry movements and - most significantly - it reduces whole life costs in road maintenance. Rhinophalt is suitable for all asphalt surfaces including roads and carriageways, airport runways and taxiways, car parks, platforms, docks and ports.

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