m62 visualcommunications

m62 visualcommunications

August 10, 2009 08:58 ET

m62 Highlights the Importance of Effective Titles

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 10, 2009) - m62 visualcommunications, the global leader in presentation effectiveness, is today highlighting the importance of using effective titles throughout a sales presentation to boost success rates.

Contrary to common understanding, slide titles should not summarise the content of a slide. If a slide title explains the main point of a slide, the audience will disengage, as there is no reason to listen to the detail added by the presenter. Instead, slide titles ought just to explain what topic the slide will cover, but not give away the slide's conclusions.

m62 also advises that titles should be a minimum of 24pt and should always wipe from left to right - in the same direction that the eye travels when it reads, to have the most impact.

Titles within a presentation should also be placed on a contrasting bar to ensure text is clearly legible and that the audience can differentiate the title from the explanation on the slide.

Nicholas Oulton, Founder of m62 visualcommunications commented: "Slide design is an important element of any presentation and all titles throughout the presentation should be relevant, eye-catching and memorable. However, design is only one element of an effective sales or marketing presentation and delivery and body language also play an important role.

"If all of these elements are carefully considered and executed, and enough rehearsal time is allocated to prepare, presenters should see a huge difference in the reaction an audience will have to their presentation - often resulting in an increase in conversion rates."

m62 offers PowerPoint training as part of its service to customers, supporting presenters at the point of delivery through effective psychological techniques including Visual Cognitive Dissonance (VCD) and Passive Mnemonic Processing (PMP) to maximise audience engagement.

m62 has delivered over 6,500 presentations in more than 16 languages to date for blue chip brands such as Toyota, BP, Siemens, Sony and Microsoft.

m62 works with clients across a number of B2B sectors from finance and media to IT, medical and construction. The company was founded in 1997 and has offices located in Liverpool, Singapore and New York.

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