October 30, 2009 12:17 ET

Macada Holding, Inc. Announces Its Subsidiary Lyfetec, Inc. Has Received Their Barcode

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - October 30, 2009) - Macada Holding, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MCDA) announces the company's subsidiary has received their barcode Certificate of Authenticity for our products. This shall determine the classifications and types of products.

The barcodes for each product line shall be referenced with and through its barcodes for distribution, quality control and sale with a newly developed intergraded control and tracking software the company is in the final stages of developing. This new software will give the shipping department tracking control and placement of the products delivered world wide throughout all international territories and sale. This new technology in software is supported by using various relational database management systems including Inter base, MySQL and MS SQL Servers with the implementation of a secured customer database for the lab system that will also allow our entire distributors to track their sale and quality control. This new integrated inter-base software's shall be free off the company website to all our customers to track their blood and serum sample world wide with our Cancer and HIV blood test kits. This software is designed to allow the consumer to enter its barcode and enter a privacy customer page to insert their personal information. LyfeTec has designed and developed a complex system with a Microsoft certified engineer to program implementing a medical self testing solution for private practices, doctors, families and individuals that promotes preventative health and early detection of major illnesses such as cancer and HIV. The system includes a set of user software programs collectively called the Lyfetest Health Desktop which facilitates recording, analysis and sharing of health test results and conditions. A cellular phone interface will also be implemented with Dialogic and Asterisk featuring voice based data entry. The software interfaces with a set of Intellect developed self testing kits which analyze hair, saliva, blood and urine for signs of major illness. Once the customer sends their test results to our affiliate laboratory for testing, the lab may access the barcode and place the result online for our customer to view in privacy their personal results.

Anthony Mellone stated: "We are in the final stages of completing the new company software we have been developing for customer tracking. The company's main focus is to deliver to the consumer personal private tracking of their test results and monitor their health in the privacy of their own home. We anticipate all the company's new structure and deals will be completed and finalized by the end of next week."

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