November 09, 2016 08:35 ET

Mach10CRM: The Small Business Owner's Magic Time App

Free for 60 days

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - November 09, 2016) - Austin Sigma launches new time-saving app targeting the small business owner who is overwhelmed by management decisions, emails, calls, meetings, and other tasks. In a world where days are long and time is short, the solution is here.

If a business person owns an iPhone or iPad, they can now automatically track their management decisions and communications, organized in chronological order by person. The perfect solution is Mach10CRM, which is free for the first 60 days and then only $15/mo.

Mach10CRM is a revolutionary communication app. It is simply powerful, and integrates CRM, emails, and organizational functions into a single app. By automatically logging all emails, and filing emails by person, users can see all their valuable conversations in a text style format. They can even add notes, to-dos, meetings, calls, texts, & calendar events to a log, so users can see all information together.

For small business owners, some of the biggest challenges are:

  • Managing employees
  • Keeping up with key customers
  • Working with suppliers and contractors
  • Making sure deadlines are met
  • Having spare time to think big

According to Gail Alexander Davis, M.M.A. Cattle Company, Inc., "I engage with hundreds of people. I am constantly communicating with my employees, my customers, and my new contacts. I am habitually stressed -- wondering, am I giving my employees direction? Am I following up on tasks I've assigned? Am I communicating effectively? These are questions that every business owner asks themselves every week. I was looking for Time in an App! Mach10CRM helps me prioritize and manage all the demands of business without having to clone myself."

According to Luke Lucas, Lucas Lodge and Properties, "This organizational system helps me grow and maintain my network, manage my employees, execute goals, and stay on top of the details that can fall by the wayside. Mach10CRM is easy to use, beautifully designed, and is the tool that I need. With Mach10CRM, I know I can be more efficient, save time, and enjoy focusing on what matters most, my business."

Mach10CRM is an enterprise level application for the iPhone and iPad designed for small business owners. It keeps everything in one place helping users stay organized and on track, by reminding them of all previous communications, notes, events and more. Mach10CRM has syncing capabilities so users can always be ready on either device.

Key features Include:


  • Automatically sorts incoming emails by how important the sender
  • Send an email, make a call, add a to-do, create a calendar event, or jot a note with one tap, using text or voice
  • Keep track of attachments and supporting documents by file type, by contact, and chronologically
  • Blocks or semi-blocks spam, ads, newsletters, and other auto-generated emails that clutter up the inbox

Contact management:

  • Enter notes for each contact log, keep track of the contact's business and personal information, birthdays, anniversaries, favorite places, opinions, etc.
  • Create contact groups for easy collaboration


  • Track engagement "lead measures," not just "lag measures," for projects and sales in the pipeline
  • Export or print log entries within a selected time window for further review or to use data in other applications
  • Manage group projects with a team of colleagues, classmates, family, or friends

All features and videos can be viewed at

One of the most valuable attributes is that users' Contacts are distributed in categories so they always know how to prioritize, from their VIPs to their New Contacts. Data retrieval is a breeze with all their organized information readily available when they need it.

Mach10CRM will help small business owners be more productive and efficient so they can stay on top of what matters most and focus on growing their business.

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