SOURCE: MachineTalker, Inc.

March 22, 2007 09:30 ET

MachineTalker® to Acquire Dynamic Mapping Software for Global Control and Tracking of Its Products

MTKN Expects to Implement Interactive Mapping Software That Could Link, View, Control and Interact With Remote Talker® Communities

SANTA BARBARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 22, 2007 -- MachineTalker, Inc. (OTCBB: MTKN), developer of smart wireless security networks and tracking systems, today announced that it has reached an Agreement in Principal to acquire the rights to an interactive, global mapping system that would allow customers to view Talkers® that are deployed throughout the globe. The MachineTalker units will be visible and accessible as overlays on a virtual map of the Earth. Talkers located anywhere on the planet, and fitted with an array of sensors, will be selected, controlled and interrogated interactively.

"This software will interact with MachineTalkers in various applications, allowing a central control center to maintain real-time access to information about cargo in transit or view Talkers that are monitoring and logging events," according to Roland F. Bryan, MachineTalker's CEO. Bryan stated that, "Icons representing Talkers will be selected, remote status viewed, data logs retrieved and a multitude of control activities can be modified."

The MachineTalker control integrates with existing mapping services currently provided on the web, thus allowing for rapid, cost-effective deployment. It produces "handles" for the user that permit pictorial location and individual dialogue to take place with the specific Talker being viewed. The Company plans availability of the blended software package with Talker demonstration systems by June 2007.

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