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May 06, 2008 09:30 ET

MachineTalker® Introduces Its Ultra-Wideband Intrusion Detector

Significant Product Enhancement Dramatically Expands Capabilities and Market Scope

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - May 6, 2008) - MachineTalker, Inc. (OTCBB: MTKN), developer of wireless mesh networking security systems, has taken delivery of its new Ultra Wideband accessory, a wireless Intrusion Detector produced by Wideband Detection Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of the Company. This new device, referred to as the "GuardDog", is resistant to jamming, detection, and tampering. The units are small and easily camouflaged or hidden behind walls. They can be scattered in a manner to build an electronic "fence" around a building, an oil well, or along a perimeter to create a protected area.

The GuardDog will be integrated into a MachineTalker wireless node to provide remote security protection of confined spaces and open areas.

This is dramatic step forward in the company's product offerings. The GuardDog can be used to detect the slightest movement that takes place within its programmable range. When combined with a MachineTalker, this detector will become part of a "community" of intelligent network nodes that can discern, record and report any change in a protected area.

Roland F. Bryan, MTKN's CEO, said, "Our new GuardDog constantly monitors for intrusion or movement and. when coupled with our Talkers, will send results to other networked units or to a satellite or the Internet or into a cellular phone system. A MachineTalker placed inside a shipping container provides the best way to identify, protect and track a shipment because it is a programmable intelligent device. Our Talkers record events, operate sensors and report on Contents, Source, Destination, Ownership, Special Handling Procedures, Routing, Time Loaded, Time Sealed, and any other downloaded information."

The Company expects to deploy this high performance detector with its radiated UWB signal in harsh propagation environments where even the most advanced commercial sensors face difficulty. This will include heavily cluttered facilities found in dense urban areas or indoors with metallic and concrete obstacles like warehouses and, as planned, inside cargo containers.

About MachineTalker

MachineTalker, Inc., has developed a unique technology -- smart networks that allow governments, businesses and individuals to rapidly deploy wireless security networks, tracking systems and industrial process control systems. The Company's proprietary technology enables the wireless networking of intelligent devices for shared processing and reporting of data in remote security and control applications. The Company recently acquired its UWB technology through the purchase of WDTI. For more information about MachineTalker and WDTI, please visit

About Wideband Detection Technologies, Inc. (WDTI)

WDTI holds the license to the GuardDog and expects to apply this same Ultra Wideband technology in a number of future applications. WDTI is a Florida Corporations that is now wholly owned by MachineTalker, Inc.

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