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September 18, 2009 09:31 ET

MADD Canada applauds proposed legislation to reduce impaired driving

Attention: City Editor, News Editor OAKVILLE/ONTARIO/MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Sept. 18, 2009) - MADD Canada welcomes the proposed legislation announced today in Nova Scotia which will extend licence suspensions for BACs of 0.05% or higher.

"The amendments put forth by the Government of Nova Scotia will save lives and prevent injuries by taking more impaired drivers off our roads," said MADD Canada National President Margaret Miller. "They will also serve as a very strong reminder to everyone that driving while impaired carries serious penalties."

The Honourable Bill Estabrooks, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal announced the proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act today. The key amendment calls for an increase in the roadside licence suspension for drivers with a 0.05% BAC from the current 24 hours to seven days. The legislation also proposes longer suspensions for drivers with repeat infractions.

"MADD Canada commends Minister Estabrooks and the government of Nova Scotia for introducing this legislation," Mrs. Miller said. "It is a commitment to make Nova Scotia's roads and communities safer and it sends the message that impaired driving will not be tolerated."

A seven-day roadside suspension for 0.05% BAC or higher is a key policy in MADD Canada's Rating the Province Report Card. The report makes recommendations for impaired driving laws based on empirical evidence and current international experience, and provides an annual review of provincial and territorial progress on legislation and amendments aimed at stopping impaired driving. The 2009 Rating the Provinces Report Card will be released by MADD Canada this fall.

The ongoing efforts to stop impaired driving have seen positive results, yet there is still much work to be done. Every day in Canada, on average, 4 people are killed and 207 are injured as a result of impaired driving.

"We encourage Nova Scotia to pass these changes into law quickly so that we can begin to see a positive impact on our roads and highways," Mrs. Miller said. "We would also encourage other provinces which do not have similar legislation to follow Nova Scotia's lead and advance laws which send a strong anti-impaired driving message."

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