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MADD Canada

April 19, 2012 11:00 ET

MADD Canada and Manitoba Public Insurance Deliver Anti-Impaired Driving Message to Students

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - April 19, 2012) - MADD Canada and Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) are teaming up again to educate Manitoba students about the dangers and consequences of impaired driving.

Damages, MADD Canada's 2011-2012 School Assembly Program, shows students how quickly tragedy can occur when someone gets behind the wheel impaired. Thanks to MPI's generous sponsorship, 85 shows are being delivered to Manitoba high schools and middle schools, reaching tens of thousands of students.

"The consequences of impaired driving hurt us all. Everyone knows someone whose life has been forever changed by drinking and driving. All the hurt and pain is 100 per cent preventable," said Minister of Justice and Attorney General Andrew Swan. "I'm pleased to be here today with MPI and MADD Canada to continue to raise awareness and educate our youth on the impacts of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol."

"MPI is a dedicated, long-term partner in our School Assembly Program and has played an incredibly important role in educating Manitoba students about the risks of impaired driving," said MADD Canada National President Denise Dubyk.

The partnership was highlighted today with a special presentation of Damages for students at Elmwood High School in Winnipeg. The show takes students beyond the crash to see the human impact and legal consequences of impaired driving.

"MPI is proud to work with MADD Canada to reach out to our province's young people," said Ted Hlynsky, Vice-President of Claims Control & Safety Operations, MPI. "Damages delivers a powerful message that gets students thinking and talking about the problem of impaired driving and how they can help stop it."

In the dramatic film, students follow Jesse from his terrible decision to drive impaired through the resulting horrific crash and into the criminal justice system where he faces the consequences of his actions. Jesse's bright future and plans for university are replaced with the possibility of a prison term and a criminal record. Following this fictional story, students see video testimonials from real-life victims who have lost loved ones in impaired driving crashes.

"Jesse's story starts off with a situation and a choice that most young people will face at one time or another," Ms. Dubyk said. "With Damages and the accompanying curriculum guide, we want to educate students so they don't end up like Jesse and his friends. We're giving students the facts and tools they need to make safe choices that help protect them and their peers."

Young people, more than any other age group, are over-represented in alcohol-related crashes:

  • In 2008, young people between the ages of 16 and 25 made up 13.7 per cent of the population, yet accounted for almost 33 per cent of alcohol-related crash deaths.

  • Young people have high rates of driving after drinking and of being a passenger of a driver who has been drinking or taking drugs.

The School Assembly Program has been a cornerstone of MADD Canada's youth services since 1994. The 2011-2012 School Assembly Program, Damages, and the French show, Dommages, will be seen by more than one million students across Canada over the course of this school year.

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