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March 12, 2015 14:00 ET

MADD Canada, MPI Show Manitoba Students the Aftermath of Impaired Driving

MADD Canada, MPI Team Up to Deliver Powerful Educational Film to Schools Around the Province

OAKVILLE, ON--(Marketwired - March 12, 2015) - An impaired driving crash lasts mere seconds, but the aftermath can last a lifetime, as Manitoba students are learning through MADD Canada's latest School Assembly Program.

The program features a 45-minute film titled Aftermath, which is being presented to Grades 7 - 12 students throughout the province now. The goal is to provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves and their peers from impaired driving.

MADD Canada and our Provincial Sponsor, Manitoba Public Insurance, are holding a special screening of the program for students and staff at Oak Park High School in Winnipeg today.

Students will see the fictional story of Charlie, as told by his younger brother Mark. When Charlie decides to drive after drinking and smoking pot -- and convinces his best friend Elliott to go with him -- the resulting crash leaves a devastating aftermath. Struggling to deal with his feelings, Mark makes a video for Charlie about that terrible decision to drive impaired. That story is followed by emotional and moving interviews with family members of real-life victims of impaired driving.

"Our goal with this program is to help them understand that impaired driving isn't just an accident; it's a choice," said MADD Canada National President Angeliki Souranis. "We want every young person to understand that he or she has the power to prevent a tragedy just by planning ahead and making the right choices."

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 16 to 25 year olds, and alcohol and/or drugs are a factor in more than 50% of those crashes. In 2010, 16-25 year olds constituted 13.6% of the population, but made up 33.4% of the impairment-related traffic deaths. MADD Canada's School Assembly Program explores the dangers of impaired driving and shows students how one bad choice can change their lives forever.

As Provincial Sponsor, MPI is sponsoring the delivery of Aftermath to 109 schools, including 24 in northern areas of the province. MPI's support is also instrumental in the production of a new program each year.

"MPI shares MADD Canada's commitment to educating young people about the terrible dangers of impaired driving," said MaryAnn Kempe, vice-president, Business Development & Communications and Chief Product Officer, Manitoba Public Insurance. "MPI is proud to bring this powerful film and the crucial sober-driving message to thousands of students throughout the province."

Surveys show the message is getting through. Viewers who saw the 2013-2014 School Assembly Program are more likely to say: it is not okay to drink any amount before driving; they would not accept a ride from someone who had consumed alcohol or used marijuana; and would change the way they travel to and from parties where alcohol and drugs may be involved.

Approximately one million students will see Aftermath, and the French language program, Impact, across Canada in 2014-2015. For more information, or to check out a clip from Aftermath, please visit our School Assembly Program page in our Youth Services section on the MADD Canada web site at

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