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September 16, 2010 12:31 ET

MADD Canada Welcomes B.C.'s Tough New Impaired Driving Sanctions

Attention: News Editor OAKVILLE/ONTARIO/MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Sept. 16, 2010) - British Columbia's new impaired driving sanctions for drivers at the .05% BAC level will reduce impaired driving and make the province's roads safer, says MADD Canada.

"Strong administrative programs and sanctions beginning at .05% reduce impaired driving, resulting in fewer alcohol-related crashes, fatalities and injuries on our roads," said Andrew Murie, Chief Executive Officer of MADD Canada. "British Columbia's new sanctions provide an increased level of deterrence for impaired drivers. Those who still don't get the message face longer licence suspensions, corresponding vehicle impoundments, heavier fines and mandatory rehabilitation programs."

Starting Sept. 20, drivers caught with BACs of .05% of higher will lose their licences for at least three days. Get caught a second time in five years, the suspension extends to 7 days. A third infraction within five years carries a 30-day suspension. Repeat infractions can also result in escalating fines, mandatory education programs, mandatory alcohol ignition interlocks and vehicle impoundments. Drivers caught with BACs of .08% and over face 90-day suspensions, $500 fines, 30-day vehicle impoundments and mandatory remedial driver programs. The remedial and rehabilitation programs are key components as they encourage offenders to change their drinking and driving behaviour and avoid becoming repeat offenders.

"We commend the Government of British Columbia for these important changes. This province now has the strongest administrative sanctions for impaired driving in the country," Mr. Murie said.

When the changes were first announced in April, some concerns were raised that the laws would penalize the social drinker who would no longer be able to enjoy a beer after work or a glass of wine with dinner for fear of reaching the .05% BAC level. However, a .05% BAC limit will not interfere with what most Canadians would consider to be social drinking. Based on estimates of BACs in relation to time, weight and standard Canadian drinks, a 185 lb. man can have three standard drinks over a two-hour period and not go over the .05% BAC limit. Similarly, a 130 lb. woman can have two standard drinks over a two-hour period and not go over the limit.

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