MADD Canada

MADD Canada

May 09, 2014 12:45 ET

MADD Canada Welcomes Proposed Amendments to Address Repeat Impaired Driving Offenders

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 9, 2014) - Proposed amendments, announced today by Transportation Minister Robert Vessey, send a clear and strong message that repeated impaired driving offences will not be tolerated in the Province of Prince Edward Island.

"Powerful sanctions are needed for those offenders who continue to disregard the law and continue to put people's safety at risk," said Susan MacAskill, MADD Canada's Atlantic Region Chapter Services Manager. "MADD Canada welcomes the amendments announced today. We believe they will reduce impaired driving and deter repeat offenders."

The proposed amendments target offenders with two or more convictions, and include: increases in the duration a mandatory ignition interlock must remain on the vehicles of repeat offenders with high BAC levels and third-time offenders; administrative probation which will require the offender to maintain a .00% BAC level while driving for a period of time once the ignition interlock is removed; significant fines and demerit points for repeat offenders who violate the .00% BAC requirement; and a specially-coded licence plate option for third-time offenders.

Provincial numbers show that the conviction rates for repeat offenders have not decreased over the past few years. The proposed amendments ensure serious consequences for repeat offenders and offer a strong incentive for offenders to change their drinking and driving behaviours.

"We applaud the Government of Prince Edward Island for the strong leadership it continues to show in addressing the problem of impaired driving and making the province's roads safe," Ms. MacAskill said.

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