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September 17, 2009 07:01 ET

MADD Canada's “Wasted” Show Delivers Sobering Message to Students

MADD Canada and Allstate Insurance Company of Canada launch 2009-2010 High School Multi-Media Assembly Program to warn students of the dangers of impaired driving.

Attention: Education Editor, News Editor OAKVILLE/ONTARIO/MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Sept. 17, 2009) - MADD Canada and Allstate Insurance Company of Canada kick off a cross-country tour to alert young people to the deadly consequences of impaired driving today with a special screening of MADD Canada's 2009-2010 High School Multi-Media Assembly Program.

This year's production, titled Wasted, debuts before students, staff and special guests at White Oaks Secondary School in Oakville. For an online preview of Wasted, please visit MADD Canada's web site at

"This program gives students a very realistic look at the tragedy of impaired driving and seeks to provide them with the tools and information they need to make the right decisions around alcohol, drugs and driving," said MADD Canada National President Margaret Miller. "We do not want to lose one more young person to this senseless tragedy."

The show marks the start of a 10-month tour to deliver Wasted to high schools across the country. With the support of 2009-2010 Title Sponsor, the Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, MADD Canada plans to deliver the program to 1 million students.

"Allstate Canada and its employees are proud to partner with MADD Canada in this effort to educate youth about impaired driving," said Chris Kiah, President and CEO of Allstate Canada. "Programs such as Wasted help young people to understand the importance of making responsible choices and develop good driving behaviours which will improve road safety for everyone."

"We cannot highlight enough the importance of Allstate Canada's support. They have partnered with us on a great number of programs and campaigns over the course of our long history together," Mrs. Miller said. "As the Title Sponsor for our High School Multi-Media Assembly Program, Allstate Canada is helping us reach more high school students than ever before with our message."

Wasted tells the fictional story of popular high school student Jake, and his friends Kelly and Drew, and how their lives are forever changed when one wrong decision leads to a horrific car crash. As the presentation ends, students are shown the sheer magnitude of impaired driving with a moving patchwork of photos of victims - more than 600 people, from babies to grandparents - who have been killed or seriously injured in an impaired driving crash.

"Wasted is a brutally honest and emotional depiction of the effects of impaired driving, not only for the individuals involved, but for their families, friends and communities," Mrs. Miller said.

Shown on three large screens, the dynamic program features music and video clips and uses scenarios which students can picture themselves facing or perhaps have already faced. Wasted presents the hard facts about alcohol, drugs and driving, including the legal and social ramifications of impaired driving, binge drinking, impairments caused by cannabis (on its own or combined with alcohol) and the dangers of accepting rides from alcohol or drug impaired drivers.

Later this month, MADD Canada will hold the official launch of its first ever French High School Multi-Media Assembly Program. With the support of generous sponsors, MADD Canada was able to produce Wasted in French and will be debuting the program in New Brunswick.

"We are looking forward to offering this education resource to French high schools to deliver the drive sober message to even more students," Mrs. Miller said.

Young people are at particular risk for impaired driving. Road crashes are the number one cause of teen death in Canada and alcohol is a factor in 45% of those crashes.

"The statistics on youth and impaired driving are truly frightening," said Mrs. Miller. "Since 1994, our Multi-Media Assembly Program has impressed upon students that alcohol and/or drug-related crashes are 100% preventable. We want students to carry this message with them and understand that they each have the power to stop impaired driving and save lives."

In addition to Allstate Canada, MADD Canada recognizes the following sponsors who have made leading contributions to support the 2009-2010 High School Multi-Media Assembly Program: #TAXI, CN, Discount Car and Truck Rentals, LCBO, New Brunswick Liquor Corporation and RBC Foundation.

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