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April 27, 2011 07:00 ET

Madison Ave. Media Launches Do it Yourself Financial Restoration Program -- A Program to Help Individuals to Re-Create Success

Coming Back Strong Financially

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - Apr 27, 2011) - Fast-growing Digital Services company Madison Ave. Media (OTCBB: KHZM) is launching the Do it Yourself Financial Restoration program, a new self-taught digital program created to guide individuals and couples through personal financial recovery, even in the face of bankruptcy and foreclosure, according to corporate President and Vice Chairman Jim Lindsey.

"During 2010, nearly 1.6 million American families filed for bankruptcy protection," Lindsey explained, "up 60 percent since 2006, when bankruptcy laws were tightened to make filing more difficult. Nearly 2 million US homes are currently in foreclosure. Meanwhile, millions of other Americans struggle to turn their own financial situations around without filing bankruptcy or succumbing to foreclosure.

"Even worse, trusting, scared families are turning to mortgage loan modification and remediation companies -- as well as debt settlement and credit restoration firms -- only to discover that most of these firms are leeches, created to suck money out of the lives of financial victims, while giving those victims little or nothing of value in return," Lindsey pointed out.

"Regardless of their circumstances," Lindsey said, "tens of millions of Americans are facing something new, something very frightening -- financial disaster with no apparent road to recovery. There has to be a better way for Americans faced with financial disaster to turn things around -- and now, thanks to Madison Ave. Media, there is.

"That is what Madison Ave. Media is ready to change, with our new DIY Financial Restoration program," Lindsey said. "This self-taught digital program, created by a CPA who has 'been there and done that' is designed to help individuals and families confront their financial challenges with a positive frame of mind and a clear road to recovery."

This program, DIYFinancial Restoration, is a web-based, highly-personalized interactive program designed to help individuals and families work their way out of financial disaster and put them back on the road to recovery. DIY is being developed and launched by Madison Ave. Media's Executive Vice President, Jim Warble.

"DIY was created by a business financial expert who faced down -- and recovered from -- his own financial meltdown," Warble explained, "and his experiences are used to guide others to re-create their own financial success.

"When a couple signs up," Warble said, "they begin by filling out a highly-confidential questionnaire. Their answers to the questionnaire identify where they are, financially, and allow the program to tell them where they need to focus their efforts. They are then led to one or several do-it-yourself, step-by-step programs, each of which comes with the tools they need to succeed -- tools created based on the answers to the questionnaire. Programs covered by DIY include a do-it-yourself:

  • Credit Repair program
  • Debt Resolution program
  • Home crisis resolution program (for people about to lose their homes)
  • Financial planning/budgeting program
  • Asset Acquisition program -- a practical guide for people in bankruptcy or with shattered credit ratings which shows them how to buy homes, stocks and other assets again after bankruptcy

"Our program has its origins in a proven program, Coming Back Strong Financially," Warble said, "which was developed by a CPA who -- because of family-related circumstances, experienced every financial nightmare a family can have. He lost his job, then his home was foreclosed and he had to file bankruptcy. However, he kept detailed records of what he went through, from meltdown to recovery, and he chronicled the recovery, which took two years. In those two years, he bought a new home, had a new credit line, owned a new car, and was 'back' -- with a credit rating of close to 700.

"This CPA proved that bankruptcy and foreclosure are not the end of the world," Warble pointed out. "If you follow his steps -- which, with the guidance of our DIY system, you can -- you will recover. A tremendous burden will be lifted.

"Our Financial Restoration program is available for individuals and couples for a manageable one-time fee," Warble noted. "Unlike those rapacious loan modification and debt settlement companies, the ones which charge ongoing fees while delivering nothing of value, our DIY Financial Restoration program gives individuals and couples everything they need, right up front, with no additional costs, ever."

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