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June 03, 2015 09:00 ET

Madison Expands Its Sparks Product Innovation Center to Engage New Markets

Madison Electric Products Expands Its Crowd-Sourced Product Development Platform Beyond the Electrical Industry

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwired - June 03, 2015) - Today, Madison Electric Products announces the enhancement of their crowd-sourced product development platform, the Sparks Product Innovation Center. The new "Sparks 2.0" offers process improvements to inventors and has plans to expand to low-voltage, data communication and home DIY markets.

"Partnering with electricians and distributors, we've helped turn great ideas developed in the field into reality," said president of Madison Electric Products, Brad Wiandt. "We want to offer that rewarding partnership opportunity to more individuals, extending into new markets and developing products that focus on efficiency and problem solving."

Since first launching in 2010, Sparks has successfully shortened the time between idea formation and commercialization for Madison's partners while also growing the company's portfolio.

"Sparks not only enables people to show their inventive spirit, it identifies and develops the products our customers are looking for," Wiandt adds.

An incubator for new and innovative products and concepts, Sparks Innovation Center welcomes all idea submissions, regardless of what stage they are in. Madison's experienced new products team then evaluates concepts and tests for factors such as cost, manufacturability, patent infringement and testing requirements. If deemed viable, Madison works hand-in-hand with inventors to bring the idea to market.

"Working with Madison has been extremely rewarding," said Greg Herth, inventor of the SmartBox, and holder of 12 patents. "They have been a life-saver for my business, helping me navigate the process of reaching new buyers and selling my product."

To date, more than 350 ideas have been submitted to Sparks. Of those submissions, 55 new SKUs have successfully been brought to the market within seven different product families.

Process improvements to Sparks will make it simpler for ideas to be shared. Enhancements include a seven-step idea submission process, an updated and responsive design and enhanced measurement capabilities.

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About Madison Electric Products:

Madison Electric Products provides the electrical supply and manufacturing industries with over 2,000 products and helps inventors bring innovative electrical products to market. Founded over 80 years ago and headquartered in northeast Ohio, the company created one of the electrical industry's most relied-upon products, the Madison Hold-it. Today, it boasts a customer service-oriented coast-to-coast network of sales agents and distribution centers. For more information, visit

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