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July 15, 2010 08:03 ET

Magic Rock Entertainment Announces Active Toolbox, Backstage, and Turnout Services for Independent Filmmakers

New Client Releases Also Announced

IRWINDALE, CA--(Marketwire - July 15, 2010) -  Magic Rock Entertainment, a distribution and branding partner for independent filmmakers and other clients, today announces the expanded Active Toolbox solution for independent filmmakers. Offering new ecommerce and marketing tools to maximize profit potential through digital and physical distribution, Active Toolbox provides content owners with the means to independently and profitably distribute films and other creative content.

Filmmakers and producers seeking control of their sales strategy will be able to customize the newly expanded Active Toolbox software to manage the marketing, distribution and fulfillment of their work. Using the branded Neoflix store, filmmakers can already offer physical DVDs, merchandise, and digital streams for purchase, as well as using other Active Toolbox tools to order and fulfill physical products from Magic Rock's US and European manufacturers and warehouses. Artists seeking maximum audience exposure can also utilize Magic Rock's Indieclix affiliate marketing tool and Box Office Widget contact capture tool, and access accurate post-sale analytics from the Box Office Metrix service.

Magic Rock is announcing the following new proprietary additions to the Active Toolbox portfolio:

Media-On-Demand and Video Streaming with Backstage

Backstage, a new and flexible digital content management tool, enables filmmakers to control digital sales to consumers, using Magic Rock's familiar Neoflix storefront and dashboard to manage all transactions and fulfillment. Clients can integrate digital media assets and live event broadcasts to connect with existing fanbases and to reach out to viewers directly with convenient, rapid streaming options, easily embedded into external websites or blogs. Backstage supports single-ticket viewings, VIP packages with special features, subscriptions for multi-episode works, rentals with customizable viewing terms, live event broadcasts, behind-the-scenes peeks, cast interviews and other high-demand elements. Backstage improves on traditional physical distribution and third-party VOD distribution business models by offering independent filmmakers and producers a platform to monetize their releases throughout the live, online, and offline spheres.

Connecting Films and Fans with Turnout

Turnout, a new social marketing service, connects filmmakers, distributors, and content owners directly with their audience. Creating an affordable and seamless way to consistently engage and update multiple messaging platforms, Turnout allows independent artists the opportunity to build a significant fanbase online without large advertising budgets.

Turnout is a fee-based service, harnessing the power of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms. The tool assists clients with systematic and consistent daily or weekly updates and other activities to create, expand, and engage an audience. On signing up, Turnout clients receive a personalized briefing by trained consultants to determine audience targeting, keyword and message planning. The resulting customized social media program will launch within two to three weeks of the initial meeting and remain active throughout the entire promotional campaign. Turnout allows artists to start or join in highly-relevant online conversations, build event or topic awareness and engage mainstream, genre, or special-interest audiences. Clients can continue to work on their film projects with confidence that their social media outreach remains in high gear to engage their audience throughout and beyond their promotional and release windows.

New Client Releases from Magic Rock Entertainment

Magic Rock Entertainment is pleased to announce recent and upcoming client films:

  • "BloodMoney", David K. Kyle's examination of issues surrounding abortion in America

  • "Cover Girl Culture", Nicole Clark's film on the influence of media on girls and young women, highly recommended by Parents Television Council

  • "Tales of An Ancient Empire", Albert Pyun's long-awaited follow up to his 1982 classic, "The Sword And The Sorcerer"

  • "Tapped", Stephanie Soeghtig's award-winning and unflinching examination of the bottled water industry and its profound impact on the global condition

  • "Pelada", Luke Boughen and Rebekah Fergusson's look at another side of soccer from Bolivia to Iran, stripped down to its core as a global pick-up game

Magic Rock Entertainment is proud to be a partner to each of these compelling films and congratulates each filmmaker on their accomplishments.

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