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Main Street Softworks

January 18, 2011 09:13 ET

Main Street Softworks Inc. Adds Credit Card Enhanced Data (Level III) Reporting Features

GAINESVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) - Main Street Softworks, Inc., a leading developer of secure payment processing solutions for retail point of sale, e-commerce, and embedded applications, today announced the addition of Enhanced Data ("Level III") Reporting features to Main Street's Monetra® payment processing software product.

Enhanced Data reporting enables merchants to submit detailed, receipt-level information when processing transactions with Visa® or MasterCard® purchase cards. Merchants providing Enhanced Data information generally qualify for significantly reduced credit card transaction fees, and are often considered preferred vendors for government agencies and companies using such cards for employee purchases.

"Credit card transaction fees are one of the largest single expenses for America's retailers and, in today's business climate, every penny counts," said Steve Cook, Main Street's vice president of Sales, adding, "The new Enhanced Data reporting features of our Monetra® payment processing software product now provide a simple way for merchants of all sizes to qualify for lower Level III credit card interchange rates that, historically, only the largest merchants have been able to obtain."

Main Street's offerings include its flagship Monetra® software, a PA-DSS validated transaction processing product that routes directly to all major transaction processors, and CardShield®, a suite of data protection tools providing "tokenization" and point-to-point ("end-to-end") encryption features which isolate sensitive card data from point-of-sale systems, application software, and legacy environments for high security and rapid PCI compliance.

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