Maison Bespokenov

Maison Bespokenov

November 15, 2016 08:00 ET

Maison Bespokenov Entrusting the Future of Fashion to Ancestral Artisanship

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Nov. 15, 2016) - The foundation of every legendary luxury brand is the ancestral savoir-faire of artists and artisans, whose crafts would be doomed to extinction if there were no buyers willing to pay the price to preserve them. Such is the case of the hyper-meticulous watchmakers of Switzerland, the uncanny master perfumiers of France, and the dexterous weavers of Ecuadorian Panama hats. Luxury houses have become the custodians of invaluable skills and traditions, which, particularly in the fashion industry, seem to become rarer with each passing year, as a vast majority of garment manufacturers and designers engage in a race to produce more for a lot less. Fortunately, a new breed of guardians of the arts is emerging.

One such custodian is Montreal-based fashion label, Maison Bespokenov. Founded by master tailor and fashion designer, Cinthya Chalifoux, the growing house is rapidly attracting international attention thanks to an unwavering commitment to a best-in-class approach by its devoted team of fashion artisans. Like a hybrid between museum curators and traders from days gone by, the Bespokenov creators scout the world searching for the secrets of remarkable craftsmen, couturiers, and fabric makers. On a recent trip to Paris, Chalifoux seized to opportunity to enrich her craft at La Fédération Nationale des Maîtres-Tailleurs de France (the National French Federation of Master Tailors), while Kamil Demel, Bespokenov's first apprentice, spent invaluable time perfecting his haute couture skills at Maison Lesage, one of the world's leading embroidery houses since 1924.

To the people of Bespokenov, their devotion to beautiful garments and to the preservation of noble crafts is not only a worthwhile cause, but also a wise business decision. While others might find value in diminishing standards and mass production, Chalifoux and her team prefer to make their mark in that exclusive space where quality is uncompromising. This philosophy has earned her the admiration and support of the Montreal arts community, including electro-folk singer and composer, APigeon, whose enigmatic and powerful voice has drawn deserved parallels with the work of Björk. A mutual feeling from Chalifoux who considers APigeon a muse for Bespokenov first promotional videos. As a follow up, the collaborators are planning an intimate project that will feature a series of stunning visuals, videos, and soundscapes.

Another one of Bespokenov's kindred artistic souls is internationally renowned Montreal street artist, Stikki Peaches, the creative force behind the unforgettable mixed-media murals tagged with the slogan What if art ruled the world?, found as far as Barcelona, New York, and Miami's Art Basel. In 2017, Stikki Peaches and Bespokenov will announce a first collaborative venture, showcasing a series of unique masks. The pieces, each handcrafted individually with artisan techniques, will be progressively unveiled, leading up to a major exhibition in 2017.

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