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May 18, 2010 14:54 ET

Major Expansion of XLeratorDB Function Libraries for SQL Server Announced by WestClinTech

Latest Releases Add New Finance, Statistics, Math and Strings Functions to SQL Server; Offer Powerful Alternative to High Priced Analytic Software

IRVINGTON, NY--(Marketwire - May 18, 2010) -  WestClinTech announced it has completed a round of new product releases for XLeratorDB financial, statistics, math and strings function libraries for SQL Server. The four new libraries introduced in recent weeks add 51 new or enhanced CLR functions that extend SQL Servers' capabilities beyond Microsoft's current Excel-based platforms.

Highlights of these new releases include enhanced bond figuration and rate of return calculations, a variety of statistical and probability analytics, calculations involving matrix math and numeric series generators, and calendarization functions. 

"We've been listening to the customer," said Charles Flock, WestClinTech CEO, explaining the new releases. "Every new function we've added or enhanced grew out of a request by a real customer, trying to solve a real world problem." The introductions also reinforce XLeratorDB's position as a compelling alternative to high priced analytic software and reporting tools, as well as spreadsheets.

"We see a real gap in the market," explains Flock. "A large bond broker, looking to move their pricing in-house, recognized the problem. Excel just doesn't have the horsepower they need; it doesn't cover the amazing variety of instruments on the market today or deliver industry-standard accuracy."

At the other end of the market, XLeratorDB offers a tremendous cost advantage relative to high-end analytic tools like Mathematica, MatLab, SPSS, and SAS. With low, one-time, per-server licenses -- and no seat, CPU or enterprise use limits -- XLeratorDB can cost less than 1% of the high priced alternatives. Moreover, the easy self-install product requires no specialized training, so there are no deployment or on-going support costs.

 "Because XLeratorDB runs right in the DBMS, you also get important 'savings' in performance relative to other tools ... in terms of power, memory, and network overhead," Flock added. "Shipping large quantities of data around the network affects everybody connected to the network. With XLeratorDB you're shipping results and leveraging existing capabilities economically."

XLeratorDB future product development, according to WestClinTech, will continue to expand beyond Excel and focus on tools for large dataset analytics. As the CEO noted: "Customers are telling us very clearly they are looking for in-database analytics … to apply more sophisticated tools, closer to the data, where they can leverage the greater power and efficiency of the database engine."

About WestClinTech:
WestClinTech ( is a software developer based in Irvington, N.Y. The company's flagship product, XLeratorDB, is a set of SQL Server function libraries that perform the same analytic calculations found in Excel spreadsheets, plus many that are not. Running directly on the database layer using CLR, XLeratorDB adds 400 functions to SQL Server's native capabilities, giving it analytic power in finance, statistics, math and engineering that no spreadsheet, reporting tool or other DBMS can match.

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