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December 01, 2011 08:00 ET

Major Government Defense Contractor Deploys Solera Networks to Defend Against Network Attacks

Company Estimates Solera Networks Solution Generates Immense Cost Savings for Each Individual Security Incident

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Dec 1, 2011) - Solera Networks, the leading Network Security Analytics platform provider, today announced the deployment of the Solera DS platform across the enterprise network of a large government defense contractor. After an exhaustive search involving a number of network forensics and analytics providers, the company selected the Solera Networks appliance for its exclusive ability to sustain full-fidelity packet capture, indexing, classification and analysis at the speeds of today's fastest enterprise networks. With Solera Networks, the company now has a comprehensive security platform capable of identifying root causes 10 times faster than their previous process, helping them quickly mitigate the damage caused by targeted attacks and data exfiltration.

Despite employing "best-of-breed" security tools, malware attacks were regularly circumventing the company's traditional defenses. Determining what was compromised and quickly identifying the root cause of the breaches required Layer 2-7 data analysis -- a capability not available in their existing product set. The company needed a security solution that would identify how each attack had succeeded, who was responsible for it, which systems were impacted and what specific data was compromised. Having this information readily in hand enabled them to drastically cut their response-to-remediation time and significantly reduce their liability.

In the current deployment, the Solera Networks platform provides full visibility into all traffic from approximately 25 different VLANs encompassing the organization's corporate users, servers, wireless networks, contractor networks and lab environments. The customer is able to analyze targeted packet payloads, identify the entry points for breaches and subsequent path of the malware from start to finish, resulting in a detailed analysis of what transpired before, during and after every security event. With the data already categorized and indexed, critical information is now immediately available for real-time analysis. The company's security administrator explains, "Being able to obtain comprehensive reports that clearly identify where and how the malware entered the network, what systems were impacted, what information was compromised and why it cannot happen again is invaluable."

Significant Cost Savings
Prior to leveraging the Solera Networks solution, the company's time-to-resolution for each security incident was substantial, often requiring four investigators, each spending several hours to resolve compromises. The most extensive investigations would drain significant resources and correspondingly increase business costs. Today, the company estimates they save approximately $4,000 per individual incident in response team time alone due to the solution's ability to diagnose problem areas quickly and fine-tune each inquiry early in the investigation. In a typical year, this customer experiences on average 100-120 significant incidents that require in-depth investigation; thus providing nearly $480,000 in real annual savings to the organization. Additionally, the company regards the value of protecting their information assets from catastrophic loss invaluable.

The security administrator added, "With Solera Networks, we are prepared to face the unknown, regardless of the cunning and dexterity of advanced threats, zero-day infections, malware, or internal threats. Because the solution is providing always-on, full-fidelity traffic collection and analysis, we have full network visibility and we're extremely prepared for high-impact events."

About Solera Networks
Award-winning Network Security Analytics solutions from Solera Networks record, classify, index and store network traffic data to provide comprehensive situational awareness of all network events. The technology provides complete, real-time visibility and accurate incident reconstruction, allowing customers to detect and identify the root cause of advanced threats, mitigate the loss of intellectual property and reputational damage, reduce the time to respond and remediate, and minimize exposure to ongoing breaches, protecting critical information assets.

Global 2000 enterprises, cloud service providers and government agencies use Network Security Analytics solutions from Solera Networks to combat today's increasingly sophisticated and targeted threats. Our clients see everything and know everything, allowing them to identify any and all events that existing toolsets fail to recognize, recover, or reconstruct. For more information on Solera Networks, visit

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