November 09, 2006 20:35 ET

Major IDM Selects Nanno SOLUTIONS; Worstcase Interconnect Models Improve Nanometer Design Manufacturability and Yield

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 9, 2006 -- Nanno SOLUTIONS, a startup in the DFM/DFY (Design for Manufacturing/Yield) space, announced that a major Korean IDM, has purchased multiple copies of its Nanno-WiN and Nanno-CaL to improve nanometer designs with realistic, statistical, worstcase interconnect models for RC-Delay, Crosstalk and IR-Drop. The IDM's products are also in production.

Nanno SOLUTIONS' realistic worstcase interconnect modeling fills a gaping hole between the designers of 90nm designs and the manufacturing. In 130nm and above, designers can get by without accurate interconnect models. However, in 90nm and below, accurate interconnect models are needed.

The IDM was impressed with the speed and accuracy of Nanno SOLUTIONS' products. They purchased multiple copies of Nanno's software, which allowed them to use accurate and realistic models for their advanced memory designs, eliminate design iterations and improve yield.

"The selection and use of our products by one of the world's leading IDMs to improve time to market and yield is the best endorsement of our technology," remarked Darren Tay, CEO and co-founder of Nanno SOLUTIONS.

About Nanno SOLUTIONS Technology and Products

Nanno SOLUTIONS' technology uses process variation data and transforms the information into realistic values that designers understand. It provides realistic, statistical, worstcase interconnect models for RC-Delay, Crosstalk and IR-Drop. The same model is used at the Front-End-of-Line (FEOL) and the Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) to reduce design skew.

Nanno-WiN generates realistic, statistical, worstcase interconnect models. Nanno-CaL calculates interconnect performance and generates RCL netlists in the pre-layout design stage. Designers use these products to characterize interconnects and analyze the circuit statistically.

Nanno-WiN is the most accurate model generator for RC-Delay, Crosstalk and IR-Drop. It is based on Monte-Carlo simulation and Maximum Probability and Common Geometry methods. Nanno-WiN improves worstcase corner accuracy for RC-Delay by about 70% when compared to conventional worstcase methods.

Nanno-CaL works in the pre-layout design stage. It estimates interconnect load and calculates delay and transient time, and estimates RC-Delay, Crosstalk and IR-Drop for critical nets. It speeds up the design cycle by reducing the time for these pre-layout design tasks, and expands the interconnect macro block. Nanno-CaL also provides lumped R, C, L and distributed models for other applications. It interfaces to existing Place & Route and timing analysis software, and circuit simulators for estimation of circuit performance in the pre-layout design stage. It also can be used to optimize transistors and interconnect with circuit simulators like SPICE.

About Nanno SOLUTIONS, Inc.

Nanno SOLUTIONS, Inc. was founded in 2004, is privately held, and offers yield improvement software to improve nanometer semiconductor manufacture. Its software products take the massive amount of process variation data and transform it into realistic values that designers understand. The products improve first time silicon success rate, offer better accuracy, run-time, accelerate yield and reduce design skew to improve time-to-market and time-to-profit.

The company headquarters are at 592 East Weddell Drive, suite 8, Sunnyvale, California 94089, and can be contacted by calling (Tel) 408-400-0688, or emailing For more information, please visit.

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