June 30, 2011 08:00 ET

Major Upgrade of FSMLabs TimeKeeper Increases Time Precision for High Frequency Trading and Other Time-Critical Applications

New Version Also Offers Faster Time Delivery Into Applications, Resilience to Network Noise, and InfiniBand Compatibility

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Jun 30, 2011) - FSMLabs® today announced the 4.19 release of TimeKeeper™, its groundbreaking time synchronization software for high-speed trading and other applications requiring extreme time precision. The new version offers increased time precision at lower latency, as well as support for InfiniBand and Ethernet/InfiniBand interconnection.

TimeKeeper 4.19 addresses a broadening range of system configurations and challenges in time synchronization and distribution. With off-the-shelf, timestamping network interface cards (NICs) and standard Linux distributions, TimeKeeper can now synchronize time among reference clocks and networked systems to an accuracy of one microsecond or better. For networks with older technology, TimeKeeper's patent-pending technology neutralizes the time-distorting effects of cache activity and network traffic, bringing low-microsecond precision without any capital outlay for new network equipment.

One of the most important advances for automated trading is the validation on InfiniBand, a high-speed networking protocol used in ultra low-latency environments, in addition to gigabyte and 10 gigabyte Ethernet, and as a bridging system between Ethernet and InfiniBand time distribution networks. For example, a single server running TimeKeeper Server can lock to a GPS signal, provide PTP time synchronization as a clock-master over an InfiniBand network port, while also producing NTP time synchronization over a gigabit Ethernet port to a second connected network.

"TimeKeeper flexibility allows it to adapt time distribution to the needs of the application code instead of forcing the application code to adapt to the time distribution network," said Cort Dougan, chief technology officer of FSMLabs. "TimeKeeper essentially acts to glue together time distribution networks of different types."

TimeKeeper also solves the pervasive problem of unacceptable delay between the system call of an application for time data and when it arrives. Instead, TimeKeeper leverages the latest Linux features to maintain application time accuracy by pushing timing data "the last mile" directly into applications. No custom APIs or any coding changes to the application are required.

"TimeKeeper quickly converges time across the system, more accurately and with less overhead than with any other timing solution," said Victor Yodaiken, CEO of FSMLabs. "With the 4.19 release, we are introducing noise-neutralizing innovation along with large incremental enhancements to deliver both the speed and the precision that high-speed traders need. These new features have been extensively tested at customer sites, at third-party testing facilities and in our labs. The result is an explosive advance in time precision, enabling more application responsiveness for smarter trading decisions."

Supporting Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Network Time Protocol (NTP) standards, TimeKeeper can serve in client and server modes, acting as a consumer or source of time data. Support for these standards on commodity hardware, including timestamping network cards and network reference time clocks, offers broad options for time distribution architecture without vendor lock-in.

TimeKeeper 4.19 is available now to customers and prospects interested in proof-of-concept testing. For more information, please contact FSMLabs through the contact form on the website.

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