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September 19, 2013 05:00 ET

Major Upgrade to Parchment Exchange Transforms eTranscript Receiving Process

New Features for the Nation's Most Widely Adopted eTranscript Platform Expand College Admissions Productivity and Supports Student Goals

TORONTO, CANADA--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2013) - Parchment, the leader in electronic transcript exchange, continues to revolutionize the way admissions documents are collected, processed, organized and analyzed with the release today of significant enhancements to Parchment Receive. Parchment made the announcement at the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) in Toronto, Canada. 

Growing adoption among education institutions that send transcripts, the emergence of multiple state eTranscript initiatives and national education programs such as reverse transfer continue to drive the momentum of digital credentials. Parchment has led the market in addressing the unique needs of college admissions and enrollment offices with open standards and state-of-the-art technology that simplify the eTranscript collection process and make it touch-free.

"This major upgrade of Parchment Receive makes it easier than ever for our members to automate and streamline transcript processing, so educators can focus on helping students successfully reach their next education or career milestone," said Matt Pittinsky, CEO of Parchment.

Parchment's community of practice includes over 2,000 receiving institutions, who actively guided the redesign of Parchment Receive to maximize what is most important to any busy Admissions office: saving time, ease of use, and meeting their institutional goals.

Save time - Touch-free automation and open standards enable documents to be collected from various exchanges (such as SPEEDE, eTranscript CA or Naviance eDocs), sorted based on customized criteria, and routed within the institution without any human interaction. Download requests are removed from email and routed to the Parchment Receive Inbox to allow administrators to download all documents together. Incorporating the transcript request in the eApplication process and enabling administrators to request final transcripts on behalf of students reduces workload significantly.

Ease of Use - A new inbox-style interface with simple left-to-right document workflow allows administrators to isolate the documents they want to route to "destinations." A destination can be any grouping desired: whether that's an independent department across campus, or a colleague two desks away. Customized filters automatically select the "right" documents and route them to the "right" destination. Additional ease of use features such as at-a-glance document recognition and diverse administrator permissions allow the flexibility needed with any tool.

Meet Institutional Goals - Parchment Receive will help increase completion rates on applications and drive student success. Data-driven analysis will help research peer institutions feeder schools to recruit your ideal class. As part of the suite of Parchment products designed to exchange transcripts, Parchment Receive facilitates many institutional goals such as Reverse Transfer initiatives and helping students receive their Financial Aid awards more easily.

"Parchment Receive allows us to become seamless and make the college application process simpler, easier and more efficient," said Chris Foley, Director of Admissions, IUPUI. "We are now more proactive in helping students request and track their high school transcript, and it is a way for us to provide better communication."

Plus, colleges are increasingly using eTranscript data to optimize course placement and transfer articulation, support federal and state initiatives around efficiency, standardization and transparency and help learners receive the degree they have earned. 

"Our postsecondary members need tools that will support ambitious and important education attainment goals; credentials data exchange between and among high schools and colleges is critical to helping students get and stay on track to earn a degree," said Pittinsky. 

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