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June 30, 2009 09:15 ET

Major Upgrade to Project Management Software

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - June 30, 2009) - Today, Project Manager Online Ltd announced a major upgrade to their Project Management Software provided online. The release includes a radical new approach to project management, that has not been achieved by competitors in the market, as of yet.

From scratch, they have built a complete Project Planner which includes all of the commonly used features that are offered by Microsoft Project, and more. "Not only can you import and export your plans to MS Project," says Craig Nicholson, Technical Manager for, "but you can also view and edit project plans online. This means that your project teams can plan their projects in depth, and share those plans with their team members online. Everyone can collaborate on the same project plans, without the need for desktop software to install and maintain. In this way, you can plan your projects whether you're in the office, at the airport or in an internet cafe. It's simple, fast and secure."

This major new release has doubled the speed of the application, as well as improved the reliability by fixing all known bugs in the system. The Microsoft Project equivalent software now includes the ability to print out Gantt charts online, and a new front end has been added so that customers can use short cut links to gain quick access to all of the popular parts of the system. The Gantt Chart Project Planner is totally unique, as it allows customers to baseline their projects and then compare actual vs. planned vs. baseline progress real time. In this way, customers can see their actual progress, vs. what they originally intended in their baseline view. And they can re-plan their project at any time.

Executives are praising the software vendors for allowing free access to projects, in read-only mode. This allows project sponsors to login to the system for free, to see the current status pf the project, at any time. They can access the Dashboard, Project Planner and Reporting aspects of the system, but not change the actual project data. have also announced today the reduction of their monthly billing price, from $45/month for a single user, to just $25/month. "We know that companies are being cost conscious at the moment, with the recession," says Nicholson. "So rather than keep to our pricing, we're aligning ourselves with the current market demand, and that's for products which offer more features, faster infrastructure for less. By doubling the speed of our product, offering more features than our competitors and almost halving our pricing, we're hoping to remain at the front of the pack." partners with for joint marketing campaigns. Method123 offer Project Management Templates which suit all project sizes, types and industries. Method123 also offer Project Management Methodologies at

The software, templates and methodologies together form what is known as the "Three Pillars of Project Management Tools", as each compliment the other, but offer unique benefits of its own.

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