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June 13, 2005 14:46 ET

Majority Opposition to Permanent Commercial & Charity Casinos in GTA

Leger-Toronto Life Poll of Greater Toronto Area (Toronto & Suburbs) about Casinos & Gambling Attention: Assignment Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - June 13, 2005) - In the latest Leger-Toronto Life monthly poll among residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), majorities oppose establishing both a permanent commercial casino (63%) and a permanent charity casino (55%) in their city. Moreover, this opposition is intense, as more than four-in-ten strongly oppose both the commercial (48%) and the charity (42%) options. Conversely, only three-in-ten support commercial (30%) and charity (36%) casinos in their city - and this support is lukewarm, with just 10% strongly supportive of the commercial option and just 13% are strongly supportive of the charity option.

It is noteworthy that a quarter (27%) of GTA residents know someone that they think is addicted to gambling, or has another serious problem related to gambling. Nevertheless, in the past 12 months, three-quarters (75%) have gambled in some way. Overall and consistently throughout the study findings, residents of the 905 Suburbs (79%) are more likely than Torontonians (71%) to gamble.

By far, the top type of gambling activity in the GTA is government lotteries, as 69% have bought a lottery ticket (63%), or Scratch & Win
(45%), or Proline (7%). Just 5% have purchased all three types of tickets. This is the only gambling category that a majority of GTA residents have
participated in over the past year. Notably, government lotteries are more popular in the Suburbs (74%) than in the Megacity (63%). Specifically, 905ers are more likely to buy lottery tickets (68%) and Scratch & Wins (51%) than Torontonians (57% and 38% respectively).

About a third (32%) of GTA Residents have gambled at a Government-run, licensed, or otherwise sanctioned "facility" such as a casino or BINGO Hall, either through Slot Machines (25%), Casino Card or Table Games other than Poker (10%), Betting on Races (7%), BINGO (7%), Poker
at a casino (6%), or Poker for prizes at a bar/restaurant (1%). Residents of the 905 Belt (38%) are more likely than Torontonians (26%) to have gambled at a Government-run/sanctioned facility. This is particularly true of Slot Machines (32% vs. 19%) and Casino Card and Table
Games other than Poker (14% vs. 5%).

A quarter (25%) of GTA Residents have gambled among friends, family, or peers without government oversight either through Personal Bets (15%), Private Poker Games (11%), Sports Pools (9%), Private Casino Games (7%), or TV Show Pools (5%). 905ers (29%) also tend to be more likely to gamble on a personal basis than Torontonians (22%).

Just 5% of GTA Residents have gambled online. /For further information: Full, detailed release available on our website: www.legermarketing.com/ IN: ENTERTAINMENT, POLITICS, RETAIL, SOCIAL, TRAVEL

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