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December 02, 2015 14:00 ET

Make: and Humble Bundle Books Team Up to Focus on Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Pay What You Want for New Books and Perennial Favorite Issues of Make: Magazine to Support Maker Ed

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 2, 2015) - Snap up great deals on the best new books from Make: and purchase your favorite issues of Make: magazine at the price you want to pay. Make: is offering great new ebook bundles, valued at $276, available through Humble Bundle Dec. 2-16 only. Readers can pay any price they choose and support Maker Ed at the same time! Better yet, everyone who buys a bundle gets $10 off print and $5 off digital subscriptions to Make: magazine.

This special bundle focuses on the new and inexpensive microcontrollers -- Raspberry Pi and Arduino -- that are leading the drive to the Internet of Things in our increasingly connected world. Don't miss out on the revolution!

Customers can name their price for:

  • Make a Raspberry Pi-Controlled Robot: Learn how to build a capable and upgradeable personal robot for around $100 as well as how to control servos, respond to sensor input, and know where your bot is using GPS.
  • Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets: Build your own robots, turn your ideas into prototypes, control devices with a computer, or make your own cell phone applications with these six easy projects.
  • Making Simple Robots: If you can knit, sew, use a hot-glue gun, or fold a flat piece of paper into a box, you can build a no-tech robotic part with this simple step-by-step book.
  • Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA: At 4.4 grams and with Arduino compatibility, this is the most beginner-friendly way to create wearable projects!
  • Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket: At just $15, the Trinket lets you make inexpensive and powerful programmable electronic projects.
  • MintDuino: Building an Arduino-compatible Breadboard Microcontroller: Perfect for learning or teaching the fundamentals of how microcontrollers work, this hands-on book shows you how to build a complete MintDuino project from start to finish.
  • Make: Raspberry Pi and AVR Projects: Augmenting the Pi's ARM with the Atmel ATmega, ICs, and Sensors: Written for intermediate to seasoned Raspberry Pi users, this book explores four projects covering music, light, games, home automation, and the Internet of Things.

Customers who pay more than the average price of $7 will also receive:

  • Make: AVR Programming: Atmel's AVR microcontrollers are the chips that power Arduino and in this book you'll learn how to program AVR microcontrollers directly.
  • Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, 2nd Edition: Write programs in Scratch and Python, use the Raspberry Pi with Arduino, create Internet-connected projects, play with multimedia.
  • Getting Started with Arduino, 3rd Edition: With brand-new projects, this latest edition is co-authored by Arduino co-founders and incorporates their experience in teaching, using, and creating Arduino.
  • Getting Started with Sensors: Teach basic electronic circuits to read and react to a sensor and then use Arduino to develop sensor systems, and build projects with the Linux-powered Raspberry Pi.
  • JavaScript Robotics: Use the Johnny-Five platform to create 15 different robots!
  • The Maker's Manual: Everything you need to know to make the leap from hobbyist to professional Maker.
  • Make: magazine, Volume 36: "Boards and Microcontrollers"
  • Make: magazine, Volume 38: "High-Tech DIY"

Customers who pay $15 or more will receive all of the above, plus:

  • Make: Sensors: The definitive introduction and guide to the sometimes-tricky world of using sensors to monitor the physical world, featuring dozens of projects.
  • Making Things Talk: With 33 easy-to-build projects, this book shows you how to get your gadgets to communicate with you and your environment.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, look for two new titles to join the bundle! Be sure to log in and see what they are.

Humble Bundle packages support charity. Make: is glad to share proceeds with Maker Ed for this special pre-holiday set of deals. "We're thrilled to be able to support Maker Ed with books about Raspberry Pi and Arduino -- the two boards that Makers often encounter throughout their educational journey," said Brian Jepson, publisher of Make: books.

The Humble Bundle Make: DIY bundle runs Wednesday, Dec. 2, through Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 11am PST. Learn more:

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