December 13, 2011 06:00 ET

Make Baby's Christmas a Green One With World's First Hybrid Nappy

gNappies Provides a Gift Option That's Not Only Green but Also Practical

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2011) - With many more consumers considering the environmental implications of the gifts they will be buying this Christmas, gNappies, a hybrid nappy range, provides the perfect genuinely gorgeous and 'green' present solution for expectant parents this year.

For parents-to-be who are difficult to buy for, choosing gNappies as a present for their imminent arrival is a great way to help them cater for their baby's needs while looking after the environment. Similarly, gNappies is also an innovatively stylish and practical gift idea for baby's first Christmas; a refreshing change from the conventional choice of soft toys or musical mobiles.

Company co-founder Kim Graham-Nye said:

"Everybody loves giving gifts at Christmas, as is the long-standing tradition - and buying 'green' has definitely become a priority for many people. However, many of the gifts we give may be unnecessary or even unwanted, so when thinking about being green it's time to get practical. What better way to help new parents plan for their arrival and their baby's future than by giving gNappies as a gift at Christmas - or for baby's first Christmas?"

gNappies, the inventors of the hybrid nappy category which combines reusable and disposable nappies, recently launched its dedicated UK site which offers the entire range - a system which comprises washable cotton nappy pants and either 100 per cent biodegradable gRefills or cloth nappy style washable gCloth. gRefills decompose in 50 - 100 days and can be disposed of with the domestic waste or a home compost - compared with a plastic disposable nappy which takes up to 500 years to decompose in landfill.

Earth-friendly gNappies are the only 100 per cent certified biodegradable hybrid nappy, and the concept was born when Kim Graham-Nye and her husband Jason discovered shocking statistics about the contribution disposable nappies make to landfill. Nappy waste is responsible for around a third of landfill even though only five per cent of the population uses them. They created gDiapers and launched to North America before bringing gNappies to the UK. The business has grown exponentially, and Kim was recently named one of Fortune Magazine's Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs.

Kim added: "Parents these days are much more eco-aware and willing to consider ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint, so why not utilise the gift opportunity at Christmas to help them achieve this, and make their baby a 'green baby."

gNappies are available in all colours, patterns and sizes, including gBundles to get parents started, at, and also

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