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December 19, 2016 09:00 ET

Make big impact videos on your smartphone or compact cam with this tiny breakthrough pack of Hollywood style movie making tools

Grip Gear launches The Movie Maker tool set

HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2016) -  Grip Gear has upped the ante in video production with the launch of The Movie Maker: An electronic slider and 360 panoramic mount for smartphones and compact cams. Whether you're aiming for a viral, online revelation, an unboxing video, close-up footage of products, adding drama to your video imagery or simply want to out-focus and out-shoot your peers, the Movie Maker gives you the tools to do all that and more. Even the shortest Instagram clip will stand out of the crowd.

The breakthrough tool set packs all the massive Hollywood production facilities you usually need to get awesome big-budget shots into a tiny pack that will help turn your smartphone into a full-blown movie making resource. So far electronic sliders have been out of the budget range for the everyday video enthusiast.

The pack includes gadgets like an 8-speed electronic tracking slider, extra tracks available to extend the track and a 360º panoramic function which can be attached to tripods or suction cups to hold your phone in impossible positions for the most amazing shots. Suddenly all those amazing Hollywood effects are right at the fingertips of every budding video Oscar winner.

Co-founder Rhys Bradley said: "This is my life's dream. As a former grip in the film industry, myself, I've always wanted everyone who has something interesting to say to have a tool which makes it look stunning. With the Movie Maker, smartphone users can now create beautiful footage with a set of highly portable tools that can fit in a camera bag! We're already in the process of rolling out even more new gadgets to enhance the experience even more."

Co-founder Dean Tzembelikos said: "We want to empower everyone who has a passion for quality to produce some, not just the big money bags people. After years of development and meticulous attention to detail, we're all thrilled to launch the Movie Maker. I hope it will allow everyone who has a talent to share their story. Even a video clip of just a few seconds can result in stunning outcome."

Promo video about the Movie Maker: LINK

Sample footage (includes electronic slide, manual slide, 360 panoramic shots and time lapse): LINK

The Movie Maker is available in the US on Amazon: LINK

For international orders on their website:

Technical information:

  • Can use 99% of all smartphones, action camera's and light compact camera's
  • Takes weight up to 550g even on vertical climbs
  • Comes with 2 x 31cm tracks, additional tracks are available for extensions
  • Power Options: Plug into a power bank to extend operating times +36 hours (10400MA), or use 2 AAA batteries for 2 hours
  • Remote control for both speed and direction (8 speeds) 
  • Bounce back for continuous motion: When the movie maker reaches the end of track it will not stop but move in opposite direction
  • Motor speeds vary from very slow, mostly used in time lapse 6mm/minute and to a 300mm/minute for real time.
  • Operates as a manual slider
  • Convenient 1/4 inch threads allow you to attach The Movie Maker to a tripod, suction cup
  • Can climb 90 degrees
  • Weighs 900g and can hold up to 300g phone/camera
  • Can operate upside down 
  • Use without tracks for pans or 360 Panorama shots
  • No vibration, even on full zoom videos are stable
  • Easy to use

Executive Summary

About Grip Gear
Grip Gear designs and creates innovative smartphone video gadgets, which allow you to shoot professional quality videos with your smartphone or action cam.

Film virals, documentaries, corporate or creative videos, news events, or simply making everyday moments look stunning. Grip Gear's mission is to empower everyone who wants to make quality video without heavy equipment or cost.

The management team consists of veterans from the film industry and manufacturing, who are passionate about helping the consumer to create truly great videos.

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