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June 03, 2014 22:22 ET

'Make: More Electronics' -- New From Maker Media

SEBASTOPOL, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 3, 2014) - Electronics is much more than resistors, capacitors, transistors, and diodes. There is a world of projects you can create by using comparators, op-amps, and sensors. And don't overlook the brainpower of humble logic chips!

Make: More Electronics (Maker Media; $34.99), Charles Platt's sequel to his enormously popular 2009 bestseller, Make: Electronics, offers 36 new step-by-step experiments to teach you how to add computational power to your projects with chips like logic gates, counters, decoders, and shift registers.

Written in Platt's genial, humorous voice, this helpful guide is the definitive text on enhancing your electronics projects with analog ICs, power, motors, and random number generation.

Using the "learning by discovery" model, Platt -- a former Senior Writer for Wired magazine -- takes the reader step-by-step through intermediate electronics problems disguised as games. What's more, they're actually fun to play.

"Other books teach theory and then, maybe, you get to verify it," Platt says. "This book asks the reader to do hands-on work from the start. You put components together, see what happens, and learn from the outcome."

Readers learn to:

  • Cast electronic I Ching yarrow stalks with a decoder and binary counter
  • Create a Telepathy Tester using NAND, NOR, and XNOR logic gates
  • Breadboard a Noise Protest Device using op-amps and smoothing capacitors
  • Combine a timer, counter, and multiplexer to design a randomized Hot Slot game
  • Construct Ovid's Game using magnets and SPDT reed switches
  • Adapt a rotational encoder to achieve serious randomicity

By building new skills with each chapter, readers learn workbench-style -- and have a great time doing it.

Richly illustrated, including plenty of close-up views of circuits that help the reader to better create, Make: More Electronics is the only electronics hobby book to feature full-color throughout. The new book can be purchased at and other book retailers like Amazon.

Praise for the first book in the series, Make: Electronics. "A magnificent and rewarding book... Every step of this structured instruction is expertly illustrated with photos and crisp diagrams... This really is the best way to earn." -- Kevin Kelly, former Executive Editor of Wired magazine, founder of the Cool Tools web site, editor of the Cool Tools book.

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About Charles Platt
Charles Platt is a Contributing Editor and regular columnist for Make magazine, where he writes about electronics. He is the author of the highly successful introductory hands-on book, Make: Electronics, and is writing volumes 2 and 3 of the Encyclopedia of Electronic Components. Platt was a Senior Writer for Wired magazine, and has written various computer books. As a prototype designer, he created semi-automated rapid cooling devices with medical applications, and air-deployable equipment for first responders. He was the sole author of four mathematical-graphics software packages, and has been fascinated by electronics since he put together a telephone answering machine from a tape recorder and military-surplus relays at age 15. He lives in a Northern Arizona wilderness area, where he has his own workshop for prototype fabrication and projects that he writes about for Make.

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