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January 19, 2016 12:25 ET

Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger With Smart Remodel Ideas From Cornerstone Design & Remodel

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 19, 2016) - With the advent of modernized construction strategies and technological advancements, bathroom remodeling requires its fair share of the stake. The size of the bathroom does not really matter when it comes to remodeling. It all depends on the utilization of the numerous bathroom remodeling techniques to bring out splendid and desired results. Nonetheless, the rise in the number of remodeling companies using the same conventional remodeling methods has not helped the industry. Thus, Cornerstone Design has invented new and fresh bathroom remodeling ideas that are not only stunning but also have a magnificent finish.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Homeowners

As aforementioned, size does not really matter when it comes to remodeling. Achieving a superlative finish is still feasible regardless of the size of the bathroom. Nonetheless, smaller bathrooms will require lesser fittings and additions, in comparison to large sized bathrooms. The following are some of the small bathroom remodeling ideas for homeowners:

1. Bathroom Walls

The walls create the first impression of the entire bathroom. A simply painted wall can create a good impression if the right colors are used. Bright colors are ideal for bathroom walls, as they create an atmosphere of ambience and relaxation. Depending on the wall material, a remodeling expert is always at hand in deciding the best finish for the walls. For concrete walls, the use of wall tiles is favorable as it helps prevent mold. Conventional wall tiles were 4 by 4 inch tiles. However, new designs involve the use of ceramic or granite tiles. A wonderful remodeling idea involves the use of a mixture of different tile types to create a unique but glossy finish.

2. Floor Tiles

Considering the fact that the bathroom is might be small, lightly colored floor tiles create the impression of a larger room. Large sized floor tiles, arranged diagonally present the illusion of more space. Tiles also help prevent mold and are much easier to clean.

3. Shower or Bathtub

The actual size of the entire bathroom determines if a bathtub is good for the bathroom or a shower would be ideal. For smaller bathrooms, a shower is the perfect fitting in order to create more space for movement. It is not a good idea to congest the bathroom with a bathtub. Creating a compartment-like shower with glass walls is a good ideal for small bathroom remodeling. A shower compartment not only creates space for your bathroom, but also adds value to it.

4. Lighting

Most bathrooms have overhead lighting. Nonetheless, moisture and steam from the showers or bathtub always affects the general lighting of the bathroom. It is therefore ideal to install wall lights instead of overhead lights. Depending on their positioning, wall lighting illuminates the entire bathroom effectively.

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