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September 11, 2013 09:00 ET

Make Your Android Device Perfect... Daum Communications Unveils New Apps: SolMail, SolCalendar

SEOUL, KOREA--(Marketwired - Sep 11, 2013) - Daum Communications (KOSDAQ: 035720), one of South Korea's largest portals, introduced its global utility application brand -- Sol -- for bringing brand new services to users. Initially unveiled on Sept. 10 are SolMail and SolCalendar.

"Sol" was so derived because it means the "sun" in Spanish and is the fifth musical note in the octave. It denotes an app which constantly surrounds us, whether or not it is seen or heard, one which provides essential benefits in life. Also, Sol embodies the determination at Daum ( to provide apps that are customer-oriented and customer-friendly.

Starting with SolMail and SolCalendar, Daum is planning to push the Sol campaign to embody a wide range of global utility apps.

SolMail - Check all your e-mail in one App

SolMail is a multi - account e-mail application that gathers all of your e-mail messages in one place with impeccable design and easy application UX(user experience).

With SolMail, users can access e-mails not only on popular portals such as Daum, Google and Yahoo but also any other e-mail services that provide IMAP, SMTP and POP3 protocols.

The strength of SolMail is that its open characteristics that make it possible for users to continue using existing e-mailing accounts while taking advantage of the advanced environment and its features.

Depending on their preference, users can choose to manage e-mails on each account's folder list separately or as one single list.

One of the most important features of SolMail is Archiving. There are times when you're not sure you want to delete or keep certain e-mail. 'Archive' feature will help. Users can store such e-mails in the 'Archive' folder and keep their e-mail list neat and clean by simply swiping the title of the e-mail on the list.

Another useful feature is the 'Quick Filter' which helps sorting and categorizing e-mails according to importance, whether or not there are attachment files, read or unread email and whether or not your email address is in the recipient address.

In addition, customers can use over 700 free stickers and easily attach any photos from one's photo gallery when writing email from any account they're using.

SolCalendar - First things first, your SolCalendar

Recently, many vendors are bringing innovative ideas to the mobile calendar market; however, it seems SolCalendar takes a relevant position between the practicality and the disruptive design of smartphone.

In addition to its core value, the simplicity of design, SolCalendar presents a distinctive user interface with its "split view," all the important events immediately come into the view of users by just one click.

The weather information for a week helps users set up their schedule effectively. Moreover, the real amazing thing is the way to render that information graphically. And the events can be shared with friends and peers through various methods including texting and mobile messengers, email or social media.

Moreover, distinctive feature from existing calendar apps is that SolCalendar doesn't require any separate account for using it. Once SolCalendar is installed, all the calendars on user's smartphone are automatically synced. All the other calendars which support the CalDAV protocol can also be synced by just adding accounts.

Beautiful calendar widgets must be great news for those users who were bored by the similarly designed Android widgets. It offers more than 30 different, truly beautiful widgets. And various stickers give users a quite novel way to visualize their events on the calendar by decorating important dates and events like anniversaries.

Both SolMail and SolCalendar are available for downloading from Google Play and services are available in both Korean and in English. Daum is planning to consistently upgrade its services by actively reflecting the comments and opinions from users.

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