May 24, 2013 11:00 ET

Makers of CALPOL® Launch a Unique App for the iPhone, Providing Mums With a Helping Hand Whilst Getting Their Little One Back to Normal

Pioneering the way in child's health support, makers of CALPOL® develop first of its kind app for the iPhone

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The makers of CALPOL® understand how worrying it can be when little one's are poorly and how everyday tasks can feel trickier to juggle. A recent survey of mums showed that many find it difficult to manage a poorly child along with their daily tasks,1 which is why the makers of CALPOL® have launched a unique app for the iPhone to provide mums with the added support they need during this time.

With all of that growing up to do, little ones are bound to experience a few hiccups along the way so when children are unwell parents' primary focus is on getting them better. A recent survey reveals that over half of parents feel anxious that they might misinterpret their child's symptoms when unwell.2

In response to parents' needs, the new CALPOL® app includes, among other features, essential advice on symptoms for the most common childhood illnesses. Providing easily accessible information at their fingertips allows parents' to keep as much of their attention where it's needed most, helping to take some of the stress and strain away from mums who are caring for their child. The app also includes a handy feature which reads the advice out loud providing mums with the extra support that they need when they are feeling tired.

The new app has been uniquely designed so that it can be used single‐handedly while a parent is holding their child. Created with busy mums in mind, the app features an easy‐to use ergonomic wheel so that even when mums' hands are full, they have access to the information they need about their child's ailment.

Other features include:

- Dosage diary that enables parents to record the dose given to their child and will remind them when they last dosed. A recent survey of mums showed that parents would welcome information about what medicines to administer and when to make looking after their poorly child easier3

- Find my nearest pharmacy or hospital - speedy, essential information for a parent wherever they might be with their child when they fall ill

- Temperature tracker that helps parents monitor their child's temperature over the course of an illness

- Soothing lullabies, which parents can play to help comfort their little ones when they are feeling unwell

- History - to track dosages given to their child and monitor their temperature

- Information on immunisation, including automated immunisation reminders

- Information on the CALPOL® range

With many mums using iPhones more than any other smartphone and an average of twelve apps being downloaded by them every month, the new CALPOL® app is anticipated to be very popular.4

CALPOL® Brand Manager, Claire Ryder says:

"We are extremely proud to be leading the way in children's medicine apps with the launch of our new CALPOL® app. The functionality and features have been designed specifically taking into account feedback from parents, to help them get their children back to normal as quickly as possible. CALPOL® has been trusted by parents for over 45 years now and this app demonstrates our on-going commitment to meeting their needs."

The new CALPOL® app for the iPhone is free and available for download now from the App store.

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About the new CALPOL® app

This application is published by McNeil Healthcare (UK) Limited which is solely responsible for its contents. The CALPOL® app is intended for a UK audience and will be available for free download from the CALPOL® website ( and the Apple App Store from May 2012.


CALPOL® is a leading pain and fever medicine for children and has been trusted by parents and healthcare professionals for over 45 years.

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CALPOL® Infant Suspension contains Paracetamol, can be used in infants from 2 months old (weighing over 4kg and not premature). CALPOL® SIXPLUS™ Suspension and CALPOL® SIXPLUS™ Fastmelts contain Paracetamol, can be used in children from 6 years old. CALPROFEN® Ibuprofen Suspension contains Ibuprofen, can be used in infants from 3 months old (weighing over 5Kg). CALCOUGH® Infant Syrup contains Glycerol, can be used in infants from 3 months old. CALCOUGH® Children's Soothing Syrup contains Glycerin & Liquid Sugar, can be used in children over one year old. CALCOUGH® SIXPLUS™ contains Guaifenesin and can be used in children over 6 years old. CALGEL® Teething Gel contains an anaesthetic and antiseptic, can be used in infants from 3 months. CALCOLD® SIXPLUS™ contains Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine hydrochloride and can be used in children from 6 years. CALPOL®, CALPROFEN®, CALGEL®, CALCOUGH® and CALCOLD® are registered trademarks. SIXPLUS™ is a trademark. Always read the label.


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