SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

October 21, 2008 11:43 ET

Making Defrag Truly Automatic

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - October 21, 2008) - Roughly ten years ago, "plug-and-play" finally arrived. This meant that hardware peripherals, such as printers, could simply be attached to a PC without going through the trouble of installing a driver, rebooting the system and then hoping the new device worked. Of course, old-timers will tell you that even those users had it easy; go back ten years before that, and attaching peripherals meant highly technical stuff like jumpers and DIPswitches -- something only the initiated could even approach.

Now, of course, plug-and-play is taken for granted. Windows operating systems are shipped with nearly all the drivers for devices users could attach, and operators are never the wiser.

Moving over into software, the same trend has occurred; many applications are able to scope out systems and configure themselves to be able to run. For system tasks such as defrag, though, getting the software up and working can still be a problem -- even with products labeled "automatic" there are permissions and policies to set, configurations to be done and, probably worst of all, schedules to be set for every drive to be defragmented in a network.

Diskeeper®, the leading defragmenter, has permanently put this problem to rest. "Out of the box, Diskeeper works with no special configuration required," said Skip Burnham, Network Admin with Montgomery County Coroner Crime Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio.

And it's no "simple" system that Burnham's company is utilizing. They are running Microsoft Server 2003R2 on Dell 2650s, and 2850s. The 2850 servers have 15TB SAS disk arrays attached, all configured with RAID5, and their database server is a 2850 running SQL Server 2005.

It's Diskeeper's proprietary InvisiTasking® technology that system administrators and IT personnel really appreciate. Because InvisiTasking allows Diskeeper to run completely automatically, in the background, with no negative performance hit, it really is a "set it and forget it" solution. "I had doubts about InvisiTasking, feeling it would take system resources," Burham said. "But I found this not to be the case. Diskeeper runs silently in the background."

This means that, once installed, Diskeeper allows system personnel to just walk away from the defrag chore forever, knowing that systems will remain reliable and run at maximum performance from there on out. InvisiTasking utilizes only idle system resources, defragmenting whenever they are available, and returning them to more important tasks when they are needed.

"Diskeeper is a product that works, and I'm happy to say so," Burnham concluded. "I'm more than glad to wave the flag for a product that works, and more importantly works like -- or better than -- advertised."

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