September 07, 2016 07:00 ET

Making the Connection: Vohtr Launches Easy-to-Use Real-Time Employee Feedback System

Platform Enables Companies to Collect Employee Opinions Daily and Drive Immediate Organizational Improvement

STAUNTON, VA--(Marketwired - Sep 7, 2016) - Vohtr, providing an engaging way for companies to measure employee opinions, today announced the launch of its real-time employee feedback system. This innovative culture-building solution transforms the way companies engage their teams, enabling management and HR to learn what matters most to employees while benchmarking the results against relevant metrics.

"Most companies understand the need to collect feedback from their employees to create a more engaged and productive workplace. Yet, the solutions available either don't provide the level of insight necessary to drive positive change, or fail to deliver such data in a timely manner," said Joe Sullivan, founder and CEO of Vohtr. "We developed Vohtr to fill this market gap. With Vohtr, employers gain the crucial feedback needed to drive continuous improvement and employees have a reliable means of sharing their insights in a comfortable, secure manner."

The ability to understand what employees think -- about the company and their jobs -- is key to identifying what is important to them and ensuring the company culture aligns with those excitations. Equipped with this insight, companies can drive organizational improvement, foster community and facilitate a more connected corporate culture. But for this insight to be most effective, it must be collected in real time, transparent to employees and managers alike, and presented in a way that keeps the workforce engaged and eager to contribute.

With the launch of its employee feedback system, Vohtr enables companies to collect profound and daily insights from their employees on all aspects of their business and culture. Via kiosks placed strategically on location, or via mobile app, employees can express their opinions anonymously by responding to daily survey-style questions. All survey results are available immediately, contributing to an open environment in which employees are heard and improvements can be made on a daily basis.

With the Vohtr employee feedback platform, businesses can:

  • Engage their employees through meaningful questions: HR teams can choose questions from Vohtr's extensive library of hundreds of engaging topics, or select from questions suggested by employees or management.
  • Track results easily: Vohtr offers advanced tools to track historical data changes over time and allows for more reflective and strategic analysis, including comparisons to industry and regional datasets.
  • Extend the reach of their questions: Companies can amplify their own questions, whereby Vohtr will suggest those questions to its entire network. As a result, the company can compare its own data against aggregate datasets broken down by industry or region.
  • Enhance the employee experience: In addition to spurring engagement by way of daily questions, employees benefit from knowing their voices are heard. Immediate feedback on the results of each question equips employees with self-knowledge and the knowledge of their peers.
  • Get all employees involved: In addition to on-location kiosks, with the Vohtr mobile app, remote employees can stay informed and be heard with equal resonance as their on-site colleagues.

"Without a timely, accurate view of their employees' impressions of the company and the corporate climate, businesses run the risk of high turnover, reduced customer satisfaction and damaged employer brands," said Sullivan. "With Vohtr, organizations receive immediate feedback on critical issues, can test ideas and assumptions based on authentic data, and foster a more engaged and productive workforce."

Vohtr will showcase its employee feedback system during the 2016 HR Technology Conference & Exposition, taking place October 4 - 7, 2016 in Chicago. Attendees who wish to see Vohtr in action are encouraged to visit the company at booth no. 2445.

About Vohtr

Vohtr provides businesses and organizations with new ways to connect with, and learn from, their employees and customers. The company's solutions allow users to gather real-time opinion data and compare results against industry benchmarks or past results, helping to make informed and timely decisions, while avoiding costly mistakes. Vohtr's software is easily deployed on tablet devices placed directly in the environment to be measured, providing an engaging and powerful way to track employee feedback.

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