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Chef Academy with Suzanne Winn and Leonard Goodloe

January 06, 2010 22:42 ET

Making the Transition From Reality TV to Real Life: Bravo's "Chef Academy" Stars Suzanne Winn and Leonard Goodloe Capitalize on Their Reality Show Experience as They Look to the Future

VENICE BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - January 6, 2010) - The adjustment from reality television star to everyday citizen has proven difficult for the now thousands of people who have chosen to take the reality TV path in their careers. As a show winds to a conclusion, the stigma of "15 minutes of fame" looms overhead and stars are forced to face a future that inevitably seems less bright. Only some are clever enough to take advantage of their experience and use it to further their careers out of the spotlight. Take Suzanne Winn and Leonard Goodloe, current stars of Bravo's new reality docu-drama "Chef Academy." Over the course of the season, they have not only had the opportunity to learn culinary skills from Michelin star-rated chef Jean Christophe Novelli, but have gained notoriety for their personalities.

With the season finale next week, fan-favorite Suzanne is very likely to be kicked out of the Academy -- and not receive her diploma from the top rated school. Luckily, her quirky personality and style is what has brought her to fame, and she recognizes the importance of utilizing this to her advantage. After receiving thousands of emails complimenting her one-of-a-kind moon necklace, Suzanne started developing her signature jewelry line. One of her most notable moments on the show centered around her affinity for the "gloriosity" of lip-gloss, so she's creating a lip-gloss line named after that very word. She's also taking the twitter world by storm with her daily one-liners (

Then there is Leo, who is indisputably the best chef in the Academy. He lasted longer than anyone else without receiving any failing grades and is constantly praised by Chef Novelli for his professionalism. Leo is using this knowledge to further his career as a professional chef. He's landed a gig as an A-list celebrity's personal chef and his private culinary business has already started to boom.

Suzanne and Leo are aware of what most like them aren't -- in the quickly fading world of reality stardom, people now have the unique opportunity to extend their 15 minutes of fame into a career boost. One simply needs to focus on what they have become known for and the specialties they've gained from the reality show experience, as Suzanne and Leo have. Don't hope to simply remain famous -- try to parlay these insights into a lasting profession whether out of the spotlight or in.

The 2-hour season finale of "Chef Academy" airs next Monday, January 11, 2010 at 10/9 central on Bravo and re-runs are also available "On-Demand" for cable customers that provide this free service to their customers (for more information on the On-Demand FreeZone please check with your local cable company).

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