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Makkar Athletics

February 08, 2010 09:50 ET

Makkar Athletics: Canadian Dentist is a Part of Sports' History as the New Orleans Saints Win the Super Bowl Title Wearing the Pure Power Mouthguard

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 8, 2010) - History was made in the NFL as the New Orleans Saints capture the Super Bowl title. The Saints achieved a milestone two weeks ago when they captured the NFC title, a first in their franchise's history, only to journey to the greatest showdown of their careers and end it with the most spectacular triumph! Tracy Porter, a PPM devotee, intercepted a pass thrown by Colt's quarterback Peyton Manning, a defining moment leading to the Saints stunning victory. Not too long ago, Jon Gruden, color analyst and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders Head Coach talked about a new sports product created by Dr. Anil Makkar called the Makkar PPM™. Gruden cited the recent success of the Saints and claimed that the mouth guard has unleashed game-changing performance benefits in balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion and endurance. That product was in the mouths of a number of team members as they experienced their best season and clinched the greatest victory that created a new chapter in the franchise's history!

How does it work?

"When the jaw is down and forward, the back of your neck starts aligning with the back of your spine. When you have total alignment you have increased strength, balance, range of motion, and an increase in flexibility and endurance," said Dr. Anil Makkar. Doctor Makkar also points out that a vast majority of the population is not in proper alignment.

The custom fitting process uses the latest in neuromuscular dental technology. The precise proper alignment of the lower jaw is the goal of this process. Two key technologies are used. The first is known as a "TENS" machine and it relaxes and deprograms the jaw muscles. The second is a K-7 and it tracks jaw movement and position to within a tenth of a millimeter. These devices, along with the principles of neuromuscular dentistry are key to relaxing the jaw and de-programming suboptimal nerve patterns to determine the perfect jaw position - "the sweet spot", unique to every individual similar to a fingerprint - no two people can have the same. The process takes about 1.5 hours. This machine relaxes the major muscle groups of the face, and thereby putting the jaw in a relaxed state. Once the right position of the jaw is found, it is captured in a dental impression. This bite is then sent to a PPM certified lab where the mouthpiece is custom fabricated. This special bite is the foundation to the athlete's ability in unleashing their true potential. Once the athlete bites into the Makkar PPM™, the muscles in their face become completely relaxed, which allows them to use more of their upper and lower body strength.

In addition, it also makes sense that proper positioning relieves the pressure against the cranial nerves, thus relaxing the muscles attached to those nerves giving you added strength, flexibility and balance. Those same pinched nerves affect the brain on the flip side and can alleviate migraine headaches. The articular disc is free from pressure. This makes sense for your increased head range in the "over the shoulder look" (great for wide receivers looking for the ball... or quarterbacks looking for 3 extra inches on the blind side). Relieving pressure on the articular disc also promotes spinal alignment... Once again adding to muscle relaxation and increased strength, flexibility and balance.

In addition, proper jaw alignment naturally opens your windpipe increasing oxygen supply. It's no wonder Pro Boxers like World Champion Andre Berto, a Makkar PPM™ devotee, have high levels of endurance in the 12th round. Jon Gruden was asked in testing to hold his breath for as long as he could. This was done without the PPM. He hit 40 seconds. With the PPM and 15 seconds recovery he held his breath for 57 seconds. Jon couldn't believe it! With the PPM, clearly he was able to increase his oxygen intake. According to John Gruden "An NFL player would not put a $2,000 mouthpiece in his mouth if it didn't work. That I do know." Other well-known athletes in hockey, baseball, basketball, PGA & LPGA, as well as thousands of amateur athletes share his enthusiasm. Regardless of your sport, whether you're a pro athlete, an amateur or a fitness enthusiast, the Makkar PPM™ has a proven track record of success.

About the company

Makkar Athletics Group Inc., founded by Dr. Anil Makkar, is an Ontario, Canada, based company focusing on improving athletic performance. Makkar is dedicated to the principles of neuromuscular science and to applying that science to deliver game-changing products and services to the advantage of our clients.

Makkar's flagship product, the Makkar PPM™, is a sports appliance that is custom-made to fit the user by certified dentists using sophisticated computer technology. By aligning the jaw to its optimal resting position, the Makkar PPM™ has been shown to unleash instant improvements in strength, explosive speed, balance and agility - all vital components of athletic performance - and to give the user an immediate performance advantage.

Since its launch in 2006, the Makkar PPM™ has made strides within the ranks of professional, collegiate and amateur athletes alike. The company now enjoys an impressive and growing stable of athletes using the PPM™ including All-Pro NFL Athletes, PGA & LPGA Golfers, NBA All-Stars, MLB Batting Champs, as well as World Champion boxers and mixed martial artists (MMA).

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