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July 17, 2008 09:20 ET

Malicious Spammers Deliver Fake UPS Invoices

Pushdo Botnet Attempts to Trick Recipients Into Downloading Malicious Components From Web, According to Marshal's TRACE Team

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - July 17, 2008) - Malicious spammers have used fake United Parcel Service (UPS) invoices to distribute malware as part of the latest social engineering ploy to fool unsuspecting recipients into downloading malicious components from the Web. The new ploy, used in malicious spam emails coming from the Pushdo botnet, claims to be from UPS and asks recipients to print out a fictitious invoice to claim a package that could not be delivered.

According to security experts from Marshal's TRACE Team, this latest piece of malicious spam incorporates several elements designed to make the message appear authentic and trick recipients into opening an attached executable file.

"For the unwary or uninitiated, at first glance, the message appears to come from UPS," warned Phil Hay, lead threat analyst for Marshal's TRACE Team. "The subject line of the message provides a seemingly official tracking number and the message itself seems sincere. It suggests that UPS could not deliver a package because the delivery address you provided was incorrect. The message asks you to print out an invoice and go to the UPS office to collect the package. However, the purpose of the message is malicious. If the attachment is opened, a program will be installed that downloads more malicious components from the Web."

The message includes a ZIP file attachment called ''. According to Marshal, the Pushdo botnet often uses ZIP archive files as attachments to try to hide malicious executable files from automatic email filters. The file inside the ZIP is called 'ups_invoice.exe' but displays a Microsoft Word icon in an attempt to make it appear like a harmless Word document.

"The message itself is full of mistakes and poor grammar, which gives it away as illegitimate and malicious," said Hay. "The subject line misspells the word 'packet' and the message provides no contact address for the supposed collection of the package. These kinds of errors should trigger alarm bells with security conscious recipients, even if they have recently ordered a package to be shipped by UPS."

The Pushdo botnet (aka Cutwail) is estimated to comprise 125,000 infected computers and distribute some 16 billion spam messages per day. According to Marshal's statistics, Pushdo is currently the fourth largest botnet in terms of spam volume, attributable for 9.7 percent. Marshal's TRACE Team has tracked spam produced by Pushdo since late 2007.

More information and screenshots of the offending message can be found on Marshal's TRACE Centre website --

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