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May 16, 2012 18:37 ET

Maloof Skateboarding and Northern Cape Provincial Government Announce Multi-Year Agreement

World's Greatest Skateboarding Event Extended in South Africa Through 2015

ORANGE COUNTY, CA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2012) - Maloof Skateboarding today announced a three-year extension to bring the Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championships back to Kimberley, South Africa. The deal with the Northern Cape Provincial Government comes on the heels of a very successful 2011 event that drew thousands of skateboarding enthusiasts from around the world to Kimberley and the world-class skate park built specially for the contest. The new skate park, Maloof Cup Plaza, continues to provide economic benefits and promote the township as the new skateboarding destination for the entire region. The multi-year agreement brings Maloof Money Cup contests back to Kimberley each year until 2015.

"The Northern Cape government has been unbelievable with their support and passion for skateboarding. We are honored to have them as a partner through 2015," said Joe Maloof, founder of Maloof Skateboarding. "This is an exciting day for the Maloof family. The future of skateboarding is global and since the South Africa contest, we've been overwhelmed at the acceptance of our brand on the international level. We're focused on expanding Maloof Money Cup worldwide. We're in negotiations with several countries, including Brazil and Mexico and are working diligently to bring contests to those communities. Skateboarding is growing so fast around the world. It's exciting for us to bring international visibility to skateboarding and the brands that have supported our event."

The custom skate park built for the first-ever Maloof Money Cup World Championships in South Africa, held last September, continues to be a magnet for skateboarders across the country. The skate park design pays tribute to Kimberley's heritage, incorporating the famous Kimberley diamond into the design, as well as large areas of green space. The skate park is situated near "The Big Hole," a former diamond mine that was once the world's largest and considered the largest hand-dug excavation on earth when it was finally closed in 1914.

Local Kimberley skater Warrick Delport said, "As a skateboarder from Kimberley, South Africa, I believe that I speak on behalf of our country, when I say that the Maloof Money Cup World Championship Skateboarding competition has dawned a new light on our land. The way that skateboarding has been viewed and the way that skateboarders view the sport has now been permanently altered to encourage skateboarding in communities, as a form of discipline, sport and an alternative to negative aspects, such as drugs, crime and violence. The magnitude of the Maloof Money Cup has raised the bar for skill level, commitment and growth in skateboarding in South Africa. The Maloof Skate Plaza in Kimberley is now known as the "battleground" for all skateboarders to improve or showcase their skill and experience as well as a skateboarding destination for any skateboarder/enthusiast in South Africa. The Maloof family, along with all the helping hands, have managed to change the influence and standard of skateboarding in South Africa, by giving the people something to enjoy, love and cherish."

In addition to the new skate park, the largest Maloof Cup park to date, the contest halfpipe was also left as a permanent structure. The championship-style halfpipe is the only one on the African continent. With a commitment to leaving a lasting legacy in each community that host its contests, the Maloof Money Cup World Championships were preceded by nine-months of skate demos, clinics and pro tours. More than 10,000 pairs of shoes and 5,000 skateboards were distributed to underprivileged and at-risk youth at events across the country that encouraged skateboarding as a healthy, positive activity.

"By highlighting skateboarding on a global basis, we showed South Africa and the world what a positive impact skateboarding can have among today's youth," said Gavin Maloof. "The Maloof Cup Plaza in Kimberley is an amazing thing to see. It's become a worldwide tourist attraction and skate destination. Since 2008, our family has contributed more funds towards building skate parks, and leaving them to the communities that desperately need them, than any other entity and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future. The Maloof Cup is not just a three-day, world-class skateboarding contest, it's a series of year-round events, and it's a real investment in these communities. I was told that the media attention we brought to Kimberley was the highest in their history, and they had the World Cup in 2010. That's a tribute to how powerful skateboarding is and the positive message it spreads within communities. It's amazing what can happen when cities and governments get together with common interests. We're excited for what the future holds."

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