SOURCE: Mammoth Brand

May 09, 2008 08:00 ET

Mammoth Launches Doko™ -- a New Global Trading Game for Tweens

Company Partners With Toys"R"Us as the First Retailer to Offer Doko to Collectors

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 9, 2008) -


The Mammoth Brand of NSI International, a creative marketer and manufacturer of lifestyle and activity products, today announced the launch of Doko -- the World's First Global Trading Game. Geared towards boys and girls ages 7-13, the new game encourages players to trade and collect Doko discs. After kids collect and register the Doko discs online, they can be traded with other players around the world. Collectors can then track where each Doko disc travels by visiting

Doko discs will be available starting this weekend at select Toys"R"Us stores across the country.

The Doko game provides players with the opportunity to create their own social network where they can connect and communicate with each other in a safe environment. By creating a game that encourages tweens to communicate both physically and online, the Doko game adds a new dimension to play that promotes discovery and interaction. Through the Doko world, players will be able to chat and message with friends from their neighborhood and around the world.

What are Doko discs?

Doko discs are small round game pieces 40mm in diameter. Each Doko disc has a laser-etched, steel rim that provides a unique ID on each disc and a clear acrylic center featuring one of the many original Doko designs.

How does Doko work?

As players obtain Doko discs, they register them online and receive points:

-- Each time a Doko disc is registered, the person who registers it receives Doko points. When a player gives the Doko disc to someone else to register, both users get Doko points.

-- Doko Traders, the players of the game, are identified on with a user name, an icon and the city and state where they live. They can also create a list of friends that they trade discs with. While visiting the Doko Web site, Traders can also see every registered Doko disc in the world and filter their view to see which Traders have registered a specific Doko, how far each disc has traveled, how many points it has generated and more.

-- Each Doko disc can be traded five times after the first registration.

-- The points generated can be redeemed to unlock site features AND real goods and services from redemption partners such as, DK publishing and among others.

Additionally, the Doko virtual world provides players with an opportunity to safely chat with online players (DAT™) and send messages to other offline Doko Traders (DEX™). In addition to tracking where Doko discs go and the chat and message features, players can also play hundreds of games for free on the Doko Web site. No personal information about any user is ever collected.

Doko Drops

To generate buzz, spur new users and inspire trading prior to the official launch, earlier this month Mammoth began dropping over $1 million worth of Doko discs for people to discover worldwide. Over the last week, Mammoth dropped thousands of Doko discs in cities throughout the U.S and worldwide in London, England; Milan, Italy; Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Hong Kong; Hamburg, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan. On May 9 and 10, Mammoth will conduct its largest Doko drop to date in Times Square in New York City. Following the global launch, Traders from all over the world will be playing the Doko game.

Toys"R"Us Partnership

Mammoth also announced a partnership with Toys"R"Us, making the specialty toy retailer the first place where Traders can purchase Doko discs. Starting this weekend, Doko discs will be available at select Toys"R"Us stores nationwide and online at

Get Doko discs

In addition to purchasing Doko discs through Toys"R"Us and obtaining Doko at drops held throughout the U.S., an extensive network of gift and specialty retailers will also carry the game. Participating in the Doko virtual world through the Web site is FREE.


"With the launch of the Doko game, Mammoth wanted to design a game for tweens that captures the fun of collecting with the interaction and reach offered by the internet. The Doko game is an opportunity for tweens to connect in a new way: to explore the world and make new friends in a social networking environment that is both safe and fun." - Frank J. Landi, Jr. President of NSI International


Mammoth Brand is an inventive development and marketing initiative of NSI International Inc. Mammoth's management has been responsible for marketing more than $700 million worth of toys, holds more than 20 U.S. and foreign patents and has received over 30 top toy industry awards.

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Toys"R"Us, Inc. is the world's leading dedicated toy and baby products retailer. Currently it sells merchandise through more than 1,550 stores, including 585 Toys"R"Us stores and 260 Babies"R"Us stores in the U.S., 716 international stores in 34 countries, which include licensed and franchise stores, and through its Internet site at