SOURCE: The Healthcare Management Council, Inc.

September 09, 2008 08:00 ET

Manage Your Hospital Quality Scores With HMC's "Lead With Quality" Program

NEEDHAM, MA--(Marketwire - September 9, 2008) - The advent of AHRQ's publicly available hospital quality scores makes comparisons between hospitals increasingly commonplace. Given that public data is at least 12 months out-of-date, any quality blips and issues reported on these Web sites linger for a very long time. This makes managing AHRQ's public quality measures doubly important. 1) The public will judge you by them and 2) Aggressively managing them today is key to comparing well tomorrow.

HMC's "Lead With Quality" Program allows hospitals to see their comparative quality rankings, isolate and fix the issues, and track improvement.

How Does Your Hospital Quality Compare?

--  HMC's Cost-Quality Matrix shows your cost and quality rankings
--  You choose which hospitals you want to compare against, to see how you
    stand next to your competitors or inside your hospital system
--  HMC's online charting system shows your quality in relation to your
    costs, for a picture of your hospital's value to patients

Isolate and Fix Hospital Quality Problems

--  HMC's program allows you to drill down into AHRQ "should not happen"
--  Patterns quickly emerge that lead to an understanding of root causes
    of poor quality
--  HMC's program calculates the impact of poor quality on costs to
    provide further focus to improvement efforts
--  HMC's data is easily integrated into a larger strategy of physician
    alignment and performance improvement

Track Hospital Quality Improvement

--  HMC's online dashboards give you instant access to your quality
--  Monthly updates allow you to respond to quality problems keeping out-
    front of public comparisons

Learn more about how HMC's "Lead With Quality" Program helps your hospital increase quality and lower costs, at

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